Element Balance

Element Balance

Keeps the Elements in sync with you!!!

Warning!! This spell can Backfire! this happened to my Friend but it is VERY RARE!

All the ingredients must be placed in the 4 corners of the container!!!!

The following ingredients are needed:

1 stick of Cinnamon
2 Teaspoons on Water
3 handfuls of Earth (Mud from your back yard!)
4 paper fans(Made from plain A4)
Box of matches
Your focus and Determination

Take your container and add the Cinnamon and imagine Fire Add the Water and think of a flow of a river Sprinkle in the Earth and imagine the whole of the Planet Add the Fans and think of the most destructive of Hurricanes/Tornadoes/Monsoons Then light the Matches and place them with the flame pointing out away from the element(the water will put the match out so don’t place that in!!!!) put a lid on the container and return to it in 4 weeks then bury it. After about 24 hrs you will feel more relaxed an comforted as the element will flow through you!!!!!

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