Dressing The Candle

Dressing The Candle

Chose type and colour of candle appropriate for the ritual at hand.

Cleanse the candle prior energies: you may use water, salt, pure soap, or baby oil (all previously blessed and consecrated).

Bless the anointing oil to be used, appropriate to ritual.

State and engrave (if you wish) what the candle is to represent.

Anoint the candle with oil and focus on desire (purpose of ritual).

For ritual of achievement: anoint oil from the top of the candle to the middle in a downward motion, then from the bottom of the candle to the middle in an upward motion.

For ritual of banishment: anoint oil from the middle of the candle to the top in an upwards motion and then from the middle to the bottom of the candle in a downwards motion.

Bless the candle and then meditate on the desired outcome.

Some do not use matches to light candles, the sulphur is considered unclean. If you feel this, use an incense starter or stick to light your candles. Others feel that lighters are not natural enough – choose the method that you feel comfortable with.

To extinguish a candle, snuff it out, do not blow it out. Blowing a candle out blows desires away and is considered by some to be an affront to the element of fire.

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  1. I wanted to mention to you all, regarding candle safety, sometimes when I blow out the flame, I have seen a little spark fly off the candle, Yikes! Drives me Bananas, till I know for sure, that the little spark died out. So blow softly, then look at the wick to make sure it does not light up again. One morning when I came in, after knowing I blew out all the candles, one of the candles was still lit. Holy Moly! So now I DOUBLE check. I think the candle snifter is a good idea, I will look for one.


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