About Basic Dragon Rituals

About Basic Dragon Rituals



Before beginning rituals, it is suggested that you set aside time for work with changing, music and dance, as well as meditation. Consider these activities the training exercises an athlete goes through before actually participating in the main event.

While practicing rituals, the magician can begin to collect the ritual tools she/he needs to begin performing dragon magic. Do not fall into the trap of equating expensive with better. Once you have established communication with the dragons, they will lead you to many of the tools; dragons seem to be very conscious of a good buys.

Although ritual magic is a serious practice, the magician must also make room for fun. Music and free-form dance can be very important in keeping dragons interested. These activities are also of importance to the magician, since most humans live lives full of stress and over-seriousness. Know yourself, know your real intentions for doing ritual, and enjoy your time with the dragons. Take time to be a child again, non-judgmental, full of wonder and delight at the antics of dragons. Learn from them when to be serious about life and when to lose yourself in play and pure enjoyment. My dragon has taken part in rituals with total concentration and involvement, only to spook one of the cats when we are finished.

Enjoy yourself with your dragons. Ask them for help in whatever you are striving to accomplish. Provide them with friendship and the chance to frolic in the energy vibrations you create. Learn from them. But never, never, treat them as commanded slaves or take their friendship lightly. Dragon magic is serious business. Be an honest friend, and you will receive honest friendship in return. Dragons are not like humans. They feel no compunction to continue a friendship or be helpful or even nice if you mistreat them.

It is helpful to the magician with dragons as co-magicians to keep a notebook detailing inner experiences while working this type of magic. Some dragons will appear only during certain phases of the Moon, while others arrive during specific weather patterns such as storms, long hot spells, etc. Other dragons hung around for days, especially if the magician is going through a period of turmoil in her/his life. Some dragons make brief appearances during a ritual and are not seen again for quite some time.

Each dragon has a definite feel to her/his personality just as humans do. The magician must learn to recognize them individually even if she/he never learns their names. Dragon names are usually never what they seem, since dragons are extremely cautious about giving their true names to humans. I never argue or press them on this point since I feel they have a right to their privacy if they desire it.

It is a quite an ordinary occurrence for a magician to work the dragon rituals several times before becoming aware that she/he has attracted dragons-helpers. Do not become discouraged if you are not immediately aware of their presence. Be patient. Dragons have good reason to be wary of humans. Prove your trustworthiness and friendship to them. A friendship developed slowly and on a firm found lasts the longest.


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