Seeking and Working with Dragons

Seeking and Working with Dragons 

It should be obvious by now that I have a deep respect and love for dragons, a belief in their powers as co-magicians that is backed by years of personal experience. And I hope I have piqued your interest enough to want to work with them.

So how does one go about finding dragons? And how do you use their power? Should you do co-magick with dragons, or should you avoid the partnership?

I assume since you have read this far, that you either already practice some form of magick or are seriously contemplating doing so. If you are experiencing any doubt about your worthiness (Goddess forbid!) to work in the area of magick, any area of magick, you have some serious work to do on your self-image and the programming you have undergone that created your poor self-image.

Every magician, indeed every person who even uses prayer, constantly walks the fine line between an overinflated ego and an appreciation of her/his self-worth. She/he understands, without any cover-ups, exactly why they are choosing to work magick at any given time. This understanding is vitally necessary in order to assess the end-result of the spellworking, the type of magick used, and the consequences that may be forthcoming for certain actions. What others think of a magician’s reasons is not important; they do not pay the penalties, gain the advantages of the rituals, or know exactly what that magician may think and feel. However, the magician must know what is deep within her/his own mind and heart, know it and deal with it if there is negative programming or intentions that are selfish and unjustified.

A good magican is neither white nor black. A good effective magician is what I call gray, one who understands completely the consequences of actions and is willing to do what is necessary, particularly in the areas of protection and the removal of evil. An effective magician knows her/himself like no one else does; she/he has to be brutally honest about real intents and purposes for using any type of magick in the first place, but especially so when practicing dragon magick.

In dragon magick, the magician cannot afford any lingering doubts as to her/his right to ask help from these powerful entities. Like many other beings, physical and nonphysical, dragons will take advantage of anyone who vacillates in her/his commitment or who is unclear about their intent of a ritual.

I have yet to meet an “evil” dragon, although I have encountered a few who distrust humans so much that one must take special care when working with them. Dragons become “evil” only when there is an imbalance of energies, a disruption of the powers flowing from the Earth and humans to dragons and back again. To re-establish a positive flow of this power, the magician does not join every fanatical group out picketing and rioting. She/he knows that all changes begin within the self. Like ripples in a pond, when the self becomes balanced the immediate atmosphere and community are affected. When the community becomes balanced, this spread further, taking in countries and eventually the entire world. But, as with all things, a majority of individuals must desire and seek the balance and improvement or it will not occur.

Does this mean that unless you are perfect in all levels of your being that you cannot attract, contact and learn from dragons? Of course not? But if you desire a continued companionship with them, you must strive to better yourself, balance the ebbs and tides of energies within you, and make this effort, an on-going project. Every magician and spiritual seeker should be aware that there is no such thing as complete perfection within the human body and mind 100 per cent of the time. If you could become that perfect, you would no longer inhabit a physical body. The laws of the universe do not allow anything to remain static, non-moving or non-growing. Perfect is static in whatever form it currently has; therefore, in order to confirm to the laws of the universe, that perfect form must evolve into something else, some form of being that can continue to evolve to the next higher stage of life. Change is one of the few constants of universal law.

“Dancing with Dragons”

D. J. Conway