Opening The Ancestral Doorway (Blood/Harvest Moon)

Opening The Ancestral Doorway

(Blood Moon) 

The dark and new phase of the Blood Moon offers you a perfect opportunity to get in touch with the power and wisdom of your ancestors. This is another of those times when the doorway between worlds becomes momentarily opened. The Old English world “blod” stems from the root meaning “bloom” defined as “flourishing” or “vigorous.” With regards to genetic memory, your blood, specifically the DNA in your blood, is like a mega filing system for ancestral wisdom and power. In this spell you are contacting the spirit of one of your ancestors. It works best if your pick a particular ancestor, but if you don’t know one, you can call on your ancestors as a whole.


You will need a blue candle, three drops of amber-scented oil, and frankincense incense.

At midnight, draw a magick circle and call in the elements. Rubs the candle with the three drops of amber-scented oil and place it in its holder on your altar. Anoint yourself with the oil. Wipe any remaining oil from your hands. Light the blue candle while inviting in the energies of your ancestors.


By the power of the divine Mother and Father

Grace this circle with the power and wisdom of my ancestors.


Light the incense and let the smoke fill each of the elemental gates as you move around the circle from north, to east, to south, and to west. Call to each of the elements:

Let the elemental doorway be opened

So that I may connect with the spirits of my ancestors.


Stand in the middle of the circle with your athame in your right hand and magick wand in your left. Raise both your arms and sense the power and wisdom of your ancestors entering into your body through your magickal tools, into your hands, down your arms, and into your conscious awareness. Merge with this energy and become One with it.

Thank your ancestral spirits, bid farewell to the elements and pull up the circle. Remember that the spirits of your ancestors are there whenever you need them. All you have to do is call to them.