Happy Hump Day, dear friends!

I am celebrating myself being back to normal. So I am going to start today with a Re-Affirmation of Oath To Witchcraft.


Items You Will Need: A pitcher of wine or other (fruity) beverage on the Altar to refill (charge) the cup after the ritual.

1.  Raise open arms:

Lady and Lord, I call out to Thee! I hold Thee in honor and know that I am one with all the things of the Earth and Sky. My kin are the trees and the herbs of the fields; the animals and stones through the seas and the hills. The fresh waters and deserts are built out of Thee, and I am of Thee and Ye are of me.

2.  Lower arms:

I call upon Thee to grant my desire. Let me rejoice in my oneness with all things and let me love the life that emanates from my Lady and my Lord into all things. I know and accept the creed; and understand that if I do not have that spark of love within me, I will never find it outside myself, for Love is the Law and Love is the Bond! And this do I honor when I give honor to the Lady and the Lord.

3.  Kiss open right palm and then hold high:

My Lady and my Lord, know to me as (Names), I stand before Thee Both and initiate myself to Thy honor. I will defend and protect Thy spark within me and see Thy protection and defense of me. Ye are my life and I am of Thee. I accept and will ever abide by my family Rules of Conduct, and by the Witch’s Rede, that an’ it harms none, I may do as I will. So Mote It Be.

4.  Take up the goblet of wine and slowly pour the remainder of wine into the cauldron:

As this wine drains from the cup, so shall the blood drain from my body should I ever turn away from the Lady and the Lord or harm those in kinship with Their love, for to do so would to break trust, to cast aside the love of the Goddess and the God, and to break my own heart. Yet through Their continued love I know They would heal my heart and spirit that I might again journey through the cauldron of rebirth to embrace the love They freely give. So Mote It Be!

5.  Dip forefinger into the anointing oil and draw the sigil of the Solar Cross over the Third Eye, then draw the sigil of the Pentagram over the heart; and then draw the Sacred Triangle representing the Triple aspects of both Deities touching solar plexus (navel), right breast, left breast, navel.

6.  Refill the cup from the pitcher of beverage.

Proceed to Sabbat Conclusion and Cakes & Wine of the Circle Casting

“Grimoire for the Green Witch”
A Complete Book of Shadows
Ann Moura

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