Special Kitty of the Day for Sept. 17th

Frosty, the Cat of the Day
Name: Frosty
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tuxedo
Home: Raytown, Missouri, USA
Hello! My name is Frosty (formal name is Miss Frosty). My mommy gave me my name because of my white tummy – she says it looked like I walked through frost. She chose me because I’m so very cute. I had a brother, Mittens – we were born in the same litter. We don’t look alike, but he is my brother.When I came to live at my ‘fur’ever home, I met the cat who is my new big brother, Frisky (he’s a gray long haired cat). I love to play as you can see by the toy I’m holding in this picture. I also like to run and play chase with Frisky. Sometimes my mommy calls me a police car. You see, since I’m ‘black and white’ and run really, really fast, she thought that was a cute name for me. When I get tired, I like to curl up in my mommy’s lap. I’m pretty sure she likes it when I do that – I let her pet me and I purr really loud for her. Life is great at our house – there’s lots of love for me and Frisky. I’m so happy my mommy brought me home when I was just a little baby kitty!