Lady’s A Spell of the Day for 9/7: A Spell to Strengthen the Witch Within

A Spell to Strengthen the Witch Within

This is a time of the rebirth of the root cultures of many peoples.
Ancient wisdom’s that were lost or obscured by the power shifts of
history are now coming into light through many channels. Native people
are discovering their rituals, their myths, their shamans. The
advances of technology are adding to this wave of discovery in many
ways, such as through media and communication (take the Internet for

The image of the witch is at the root of our cultural past. To embrace
and affirm this aspect of ourselves is to tap the power of tradition,
longevity, and cellular memory. Once we understand ourselves, harmony
sets in.

In preparing for your spell, first do some serious thinking about just
what the image of the witch means to you. Make a list of all her
qualities, her powers, her names, how she looks, What she wears,
thinks, feels, etc. See her in your mind’s eye with as much clarity
and detail as possible.

This spell should be cast three times, at the new, full, and dark of
the month.

Large piece of parchment paper
Two purple candles
Moon Oil (Recipe)
Power incense
A small moonstone

Arrange your altar. Carve moons into your candles and anoint them with
oil. Anoint yourself as well, on brow, heart, and hands. Seat yourself
comfortably and light the candles, saying:

“With this flame, I awaken the Witch within me.”

Light the incense. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for a while,
relax, and let go. Bathe yourself and your aura in white light. Keep
breathing deeply and slowly as you begin to sway and weave, letting
your body move into a circular motion. Empty yourself of all
distractions and anxieties. When you feel flowing and peaceful, let
your imagination fill up with images of your inner Witch. Take Up the
parchment and pen and make a sketch of her (don’t worry about style
Or quality; the simpler the better).

Write your impressions and ideas beneath the drawing. Set this up
between the candles so that it is facing you. Take the moonstone and
clasp it to your heart. Keep breathing and weaving as you fill
yourself with the image on the parchment.

Draw the Witch image into yourself, see her multiplied a
Thousand-fold, vibrating in every cell of your body. Repeat the
following incantation three times:

“I am willing to be different and strong
I am willing to be different and beautiful
I am willing to be different and free
I am willing to be different from patriarchy
For this difference is the same
Sameness with the Non-Linear
World of Magick, The Goddess
Her forces, My dreams
The moon, My feelings, My creativity
My passion, My deep love, Of all creation…
And the only conforming I need to do
Is Forming Creation, For I am form
And I am forming, To universal law
And therefore mu! St survive…
And even though I may at times
Feel alone and misunderstood
I will remember that I have sisters out there
Who are learning to be free, Like me
And that I am not alone, But all One
And that free women were respected
And loved, And will be again
And will be again, And will be
I will it to be, I will it to be
And so doth it be, Forever, and ever
So be it, Blessed be”

As you repeat this chant, let your words flow rhythmically as you
Weave and sway, let your voice create melody. Improvise, make new
words if you feel inspired.

When you feel complete, slip your parchment beneath the altar cloth.
Give thanks to the Goddess and God and snuff out the candles.

The moonstone is to carry at all times. Keep it in your pocket, under
your pillow, or wear it in a pouch. Whenever you feel the need, hold
the stone and rub it with your thumb in a circular motion. Think or say:

“I am safe, I am me
All is well, Blessed be”

Tell no one of this spell until it has come to fullness. Even as you
feel your powers strengthen, it may be best to maintain silence. Be
discreet about sharing your magick.