Witches’ Ladder

This spell is excellent for protection, abundance, and happiness. To further enhance the spell, choose colors and charms that correspond with your goal.

Timing: Midday, summer, hour of the Sun, hour of Mars, Sunday, Tuesday, Moon’s second quarter, Moon in sign of Leo, or your personal power time.


3 length of cord, yarn, string, wool, or embroidery thread: each measuring 3 feet

Beads, feathers, small pendant charms associated with your goal

Needle and thread (optional)


  1. Empower the supplies for protection.

  2. Tie the three lengths of cord together at one end.

  3. Visualizing your goal, slowly begin to braid the three cords together.

  4. When you feel it is right, pause in the braiding to slip a bead over one of the cords or slide a small charm over one of the threads. If your cords are too wide for the beads and charms, finish braiding the entire lengths of cord and tie them off. Using the needle and thread, sew the beds and charms at various intervals to the braided cords. Weave the feathers into the braid or sew them on. As always, perform each action with intent, and visualize your goal while you’re doing it.

  5. Hang the witch’s ladder in the area you wish protected. You may loop it and tie the ends together to make a circle, or tuck it in a small space.