The Herban Corner – Jasmine

The Herban Corner  – Jasmine
Awaken your senses by surrounding yourself with a bouquet of floral
accents. Freshen the air with jasmine perfume, sip a blend of
floral-flavored tea and enjoy the scent of a jasmine topiary.

Are you having ‘spring guests’? Delight them, or yourself, with a basket
of fluffy towels scented with a linen spray. Be aware of Nature’s beauty
and indulge yourself with fragrant flowers…Her most precious perfumes.
To make visitors, and yourself, feel very special, leave a basket
brimming with plush towels in the bathroom. Enclose a bottle of jasmine
linen spray to freshen and scent the towels. To make the spray, simply
add 6 drops jasmine essential oil to four ounces distilled water. Pour
the mixture into a spray bottle and tuck into the basket of towels. Add
a sprig of fresh jasmine, if available. The spray also makes a
wonderful, effective room freshener.

Jasmine in a Jar:
To one cup boiling water, add four packages unflavored gelatin and two
tablespoons salt. Stir until dissolved. Remove from heat. Add 15 drops
jasmine oil and one drop food coloring. Pour into a jar and cover with
plastic wrap; let set overnight. Remove plastic, place a doily over jar
and set on table to use as an air freshener. The scent will last for
about two weeks.

Jasmine Eau De Toilette:
For a beautifully scented toilette water, pour the following ingredients
into a glass bottle and shake well; Three fourths cup citrus-flavored
vodka, one fourth cup orange blossom water and six drops jasmine
essential oil. Allow to steep for one week before use. This eau de
toilette is deliciously fragrant and pleasant to use. 

White Stars Topiary:
Entwined in an imaginative shape, a jasmine vine creates a perfect
topiary. Place the jasmine plant in a terra-cotta pot and insert the
round wire topiary form….gently wrap vine around the wire until it’s
covered completely. Water well and trim occasionally, shaping as you go.

Jasmine Tea:
Enjoy a delicious tea blend made with one cup black tea leaves and two
cups fresh jasmine flowers. Scoop a one inch layer of tea leaves into a
jar; place a one inch layer of jasmine flowers on top. Alternate layers
until all ingredients are used. Secure lid on jar; let jasmine permeate
tea leaves for a few days, then remove flowers from loose tea by hand.
To use, add one teaspoon tea to one cup hot water; let steep a few

Jasmine essential oil has an exotic fragrance, making it a popular
choice for perfumes and colognes. Because of its softening effect, the
oil is often found in skin-care products. Jasmine oil is used to relieve
depression, tension, fear and listlessness.

About the author:
Karen is a master gardener specializing in herbs and a crafter. She and
her husband have a Backyard Wildlife Habitat, plus ‘Fairy Gardens’ where
the children can learn about different herbs and hear Karen read a story
about the Garden Fairies and Flowers.