The Inscription of Talismans

The Inscription of Talismans

(From:The Crone’s book of Charms and Spells by Valerie Worth.)
For Loss of Weight.
Upon one face, the full moon
flanked by crescent moons.
Upon the reverse,these words:
Wax thou moon
may wane
Then shoult thou gain.
For rebirth of the spirit.
Upon one face,a seed of the sun-flower,
contained within curved stem,leaves
and blossom of this plant.
Upon the reverse,these words:
Old seed,new flower
I bear thy power.
For relief from pain
Upon one face, an eye rayed
with flames as the sun.Upon the reverse these words:
Who meets my eye
His pain must fly.
For good health
Upon one face, a hand from
whose fingertops spring flames,
as from candles.Upon the reverse
these words:
Who holds my hand
May health command.
To overcome the season of winter
Upon one face,the sun rayed with alternate
flames and leaves
upon the reverse these words:
Poor sun forlorn in winter’s grave
Arise and burn that all may live.
Courtesy of Miss Daney – Folklore,Magic and Superstitions 
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