Editorial Opinion – July 30

I believe as you have come to know me. You have never heard me speak of politics until now. I have always tried to stay neutral (which I hope I am still about to do), taking neither side. Matter of fact, you don’t know if I am Republican or Democrat. And I feel it should stay that way, Witchcraft and Politics don’t mix in my opinion.

Here recently I have been seeing images, photos, News reports and everything else about Romney being overseas. I stop to think to myself, “what the heck is he doing over there to start with?” Besides embarrassing us in Great Britain, that is all I see he has accomplished. He isn’t the President. He has no power and he surely can’t make our allies any promises. Because he doesn’t know if he will be able to keep them or not. And I surely hope our allies know not to make any agreements with him because he is not President of the United States.  He is only a candidate for President. And really since the Republican’s haven’t had their convention yet, he is not the Republican candidate. Well at least that is how I thought things worked. You don’t presume anything, you have to be voted on, then it’s official. Hmm, just because the rest dropped out, doesn’t mean there could be a person come out of no where and take the nomination. The way I understand the Republicans really aren’t that happy with Romney to start with. So if another person would come out of the woodwork and challenge him, perhaps things might get interesting. At least Romney would stop acting Presidential and go back to acting more like a candidate for the Republican nomination.

It is in my humble opinion, that Romney should come back to the States AND STAY! He has no business overseas. If he was on vacation, that would be totally different. But he is not, he is over there campaigning the American residents and visiting all the Dignitaries and Heads of State.  Which in my opinion, he has no business doing right now. If he wins the Presidency, then make your plans to go visit abroad. But for now, stay home and please keep your mouth shut for the rest of the trip.

I went back and re-read what I had wrote and it struck me. If Romney has embarrassed just as a candidate, what would he be like as President? Do we really want a man in the White House that has already humiliated the American people? I believe his actions now just give us a preview of what’s to come, if he is elected President.  I hope the American people think long and hard about their decision this year.

Just my humble opinion…..

Happy Presidents’ Day, All My Dear Friends!

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Good Morning to ya’! I hope the majority of my readers have the day off. I know not everyone can have the day off. We still need our gas stations, grocery stores and of course, our Dollar General Stores, lol! We call our Dollar Store, the West Paducah Wal-Mart, lol! I know it has definitely saved the trips to Wally world and town since it has been built. The poor country grocery store is about to go out of business. I told the friend at the Dollar Store if they would put in a meat counter, the grocery store would go under. But I would hate to see it go. It has been out here for over 50 years and has become a local landmark.

The Dollar Store and our local grocery was not what I was planning on writing about today. It just sort of happened, lol! I know I am getting older and now I take time to reflect on things that I use to not do. One of those things happens to be President’s Day. I know there has been oodles of Presidents but the one I think about in particular is Abraham Lincoln. Why I don’t know. Perhaps I was Mary Lincoln in a previous life, lol! He was a great man in a very turmoil time in our country’s history. The war was horrible o say the least. Can you imagine going out on a battlefield and across from you is your brother, father, neighbor or another acquaintance? I can’t. Then to think you were the President that had the sad duty of ordering the troops into war. President Lincoln must have had a lot on his mind and a very heavy heart. But he had a very noble cause and I believe if he had lived, he would have treated the South appropriately. I also believe he would have made us a better country. Unfortunately, we will never know, his life cut way to short. To think John Wilkes Booth thought he was going to be hailed as a hero. What on earth was wrong with that man’s thinking? It has been recorded that Booth killed Lincoln because he loved the South. He might have loved the South but I don’t believe the South loved him. The South had just signed a Peace Treaty calling for the end of the war. Then Booth kills Lincoln. I know papers were found that linked Booth to the Southern capital at the time. But I believe one of the Generals destroyed those papers. But I guess in history, John Wilkes Booths is a person I can say I truly loathe. In my opinion, he killed one of the greatest men that ever lived.

On this Presidents’ Day, there are numerous Presidents we can honor and admire. I am sure each of us has their own. But today, I am taking time out to honor President Abraham Lincoln. Take a moment to honor your favorite and say a little prayer for them.

Happy Presidents’ Day!

Zen and the Art of Berry Harvesting

Zen and the Art of Berry Harvesting

by Amanda Silvers


I am very warm; it is one of those days where your hair clings to your neck and the sweat beads above your lip. I want something sweet, but not too sweet, and juicy.

Hmmmmmm, I think, about the blackberry bower by the driveway. I think that the berries might be perfect to quench my hunger.

The bush has been very prolific this year, and it is so heavy with ripe berries that they hang down to the ground in places. I think about the berries bowing the branches under their weight, their shiny plump blackness oozing sweetness, and my mouth waters as I walk outside into the sun. I am blinded momentarily by the brightness, and I think about the fact that I left my sunglasses in the house. I am also wearing only shorts and a tank top, not the best attire for blackberry picking! I remember seeing a friend a few days earlier; she was covered with angry red scratches and cuts, from picking blackberries, she said. Oh well, I think to myself, I’ll be careful and just take a few of the more accessible berries.

I approach the bush and the thorns loom, shining sharply; they are all I can see. The thought of the berries is now eclipsed by the terrible threat of injury from the thick branches rimmed with thorns. Not to mention the fact that the berries, so many I can see dozens as I park my car every day, are nowhere to be found now as I stand there next to the bush squinting into the sun.

I stop for a moment as I feel the bush diva pull back its branches and threaten me telepathically with sharp scratches if I so much as try to pick a berry. Then I remember: I have to ask the bush for the berries, and ask it with respect and a small amount of fear for the sharp thorns.

I smile to myself and the berry bush diva as I think to the bush, “Hello there, Mama Berry Bush! How are you doing today? Did you get enough water when I watered you last night?” The bush relaxes a bit, but not completely, as I stand before her with a bowl, smiling at her like a lunatic. I again address the bush psychically, “I was wondering, oh great Berry, you have produced much beautiful fruit this year, would you share it with us humble humans? You know we are unlike you, and unable to produce such sweet and luscious fruit, and we would be honored by your gift.” The berry bramble is practically beaming at me now, and all of a sudden the branches seem to open up, and there is the fruit! Hundreds of beautiful plump shiny blackberries, hanging in hefty clumps of six or ten, along with gorgeous green fuzzy leaves, all on stalks with little, teeny-tiny thorns.

Where did those huge thorns go? I ask the bush as I begin to pick a berry here and one there, and she answers “Oh, those were in your imagination. I just helped you to see the ones I have as several times as big as usual.” I laugh to myself and continue picking and telling the bush diva how lovely the fruit is.

I pop a berry into my mouth, and it bursts in an explosion of pungent tart sweetness. These are the best blackberries I have ever tasted, I tell the bush. Just then, she reveals even more berries, bigger and more lush that the ones before, and all in easy reach as I stand inside the shelter of the branches and continue to pick.

I picked and chatted merrily to the berry diva as I gathered the remarkable fruit. Toward the end, I made sure to thank her for the fine gift. I promised her that I would only prune her lovely branches and not cut her down, as so many people do. She was delighted and promised me more berries whenever I wanted, at least during the next few weeks.

I finally picked all of the ripe berries I could find that day, and I only ended up with one tiny scratch on my arm. It was near the end of my harvest; I was getting a bit greedy, and she had to remind me to not take any berries that were not yet ripe. I wound up with a huge bowl of luscious fruit to share, and with no pain. See, all you have to do is ask nicely!

Happy Sunday To All!

Good afternoon and Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. It is in the hottest part of the day here. The heat index is 115 degrees. So its to hot to get out and do any yard work (which I actually planned on doing). I was in the kitchen yesterday and something hit the side door hard. I was cooking and hot, I flew to the door. To come to find out it was my neighbor weeding my fountain area. I quickly shut the door. I had a beautiful rose-bush which was in sort of a garden honoring cats. Well I had bought a few pieces of lattice. I put them in the yard were it needed fixing. Well my lovely neighbor came over and picked up the lattice and put it right on top of my rose-bush were he could mow. All the beautiful red roses died and I am nursing the plant to keep it from dying. My husband told me we would have to start mowing the day after he got through to keep him from being so helpful. My neighbor and I had a discussion and I told him how I loved to do yard work. He told me he knew how I hurt due to my back. Also I had no business on a riding lawn mower. I told him I appreciated his concern but I felt better when I had been mowing and getting fresh air. I just never dreamed of moving to the boonies and having neighbors like this. I told my husband I thought they were normal when we moved in. Come to find out this is the local insane asylum. I am sorry I know you all don’t give a crap about my neighbor driving me crazy. But it helps me to get it off my chest. I got out in the yard last night and actually found his footprints so you probably won’t be hearing me bitch about him anymore. But hey, you live out in the sticks there is never no excitement, lmao!

I hope you enjoy today’s postings. Have a great one!

Lady Abyss