Question of the Day, Please Participate If You Like!

Instead of a quiz today, I have a question for everybody. I would like as many as possible to participate. You know sort of start a conversation. Now here’s the question……

I was watching the History Channel last night. They were previewing a new show that is coming on. But in the commercial for it, the same question was asked again and again. So after about 4 times of seeing the commercial I got to thinking about the question. I actually gave it some serious thought (which is unusual for me, lol!). The question that kept reappearing was….

If you could go back in time and stop an event from happening (like 9/11, WWI, assassination of JFK), which event would you try to prevent?

My answer to the question came quickly to me. I would go back and prevent John Wilkins Booth from shooting Abraham Lincoln. I have always admired Lincoln and his life was cut way too short. I believe he would have probably been one of our greatest Presidents ever. He was President during some very turmoil times but his judgment was good and he did what he thought was right. But there is one thing that has always baffled me about Lincoln. He was so against slavery that he was willing to go to war to free all the slaves. But in reality he had slaves of his own. That never made a lick of sense to me, the President having slaves. Then I stop to think, Lincoln and I had some pretty similiar thoughts and ideas. I don’t believe in slavery and I don’t understand what was wrong with the people back then. Every man should be free and what our forefathers were thinking is beyond me. He believed in equality for everyone. In this country that should be a given. And most of all, he was willing to fight for an idea that he believed in. It is ashame the way he was killed. Shot from behind, only a coward does that. When Booth jumped to the stage he should have broken more than his leg. He should have broken his neck. If Lincoln had lived, there is no telling if this country would have been better off. But it sure could get any worse.

Now it’s your turn, what event would you stop?

Happy Presidents’ Day, All My Dear Friends!

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Good Morning to ya’! I hope the majority of my readers have the day off. I know not everyone can have the day off. We still need our gas stations, grocery stores and of course, our Dollar General Stores, lol! We call our Dollar Store, the West Paducah Wal-Mart, lol! I know it has definitely saved the trips to Wally world and town since it has been built. The poor country grocery store is about to go out of business. I told the friend at the Dollar Store if they would put in a meat counter, the grocery store would go under. But I would hate to see it go. It has been out here for over 50 years and has become a local landmark.

The Dollar Store and our local grocery was not what I was planning on writing about today. It just sort of happened, lol! I know I am getting older and now I take time to reflect on things that I use to not do. One of those things happens to be President’s Day. I know there has been oodles of Presidents but the one I think about in particular is Abraham Lincoln. Why I don’t know. Perhaps I was Mary Lincoln in a previous life, lol! He was a great man in a very turmoil time in our country’s history. The war was horrible o say the least. Can you imagine going out on a battlefield and across from you is your brother, father, neighbor or another acquaintance? I can’t. Then to think you were the President that had the sad duty of ordering the troops into war. President Lincoln must have had a lot on his mind and a very heavy heart. But he had a very noble cause and I believe if he had lived, he would have treated the South appropriately. I also believe he would have made us a better country. Unfortunately, we will never know, his life cut way to short. To think John Wilkes Booth thought he was going to be hailed as a hero. What on earth was wrong with that man’s thinking? It has been recorded that Booth killed Lincoln because he loved the South. He might have loved the South but I don’t believe the South loved him. The South had just signed a Peace Treaty calling for the end of the war. Then Booth kills Lincoln. I know papers were found that linked Booth to the Southern capital at the time. But I believe one of the Generals destroyed those papers. But I guess in history, John Wilkes Booths is a person I can say I truly loathe. In my opinion, he killed one of the greatest men that ever lived.

On this Presidents’ Day, there are numerous Presidents we can honor and admire. I am sure each of us has their own. But today, I am taking time out to honor President Abraham Lincoln. Take a moment to honor your favorite and say a little prayer for them.

Happy Presidents’ Day!