Editorial Opinion – July 30

I believe as you have come to know me. You have never heard me speak of politics until now. I have always tried to stay neutral (which I hope I am still about to do), taking neither side. Matter of fact, you don’t know if I am Republican or Democrat. And I feel it should stay that way, Witchcraft and Politics don’t mix in my opinion.

Here recently I have been seeing images, photos, News reports and everything else about Romney being overseas. I stop to think to myself, “what the heck is he doing over there to start with?” Besides embarrassing us in Great Britain, that is all I see he has accomplished. He isn’t the President. He has no power and he surely can’t make our allies any promises. Because he doesn’t know if he will be able to keep them or not. And I surely hope our allies know not to make any agreements with him because he is not President of the United States.  He is only a candidate for President. And really since the Republican’s haven’t had their convention yet, he is not the Republican candidate. Well at least that is how I thought things worked. You don’t presume anything, you have to be voted on, then it’s official. Hmm, just because the rest dropped out, doesn’t mean there could be a person come out of no where and take the nomination. The way I understand the Republicans really aren’t that happy with Romney to start with. So if another person would come out of the woodwork and challenge him, perhaps things might get interesting. At least Romney would stop acting Presidential and go back to acting more like a candidate for the Republican nomination.

It is in my humble opinion, that Romney should come back to the States AND STAY! He has no business overseas. If he was on vacation, that would be totally different. But he is not, he is over there campaigning the American residents and visiting all the Dignitaries and Heads of State.  Which in my opinion, he has no business doing right now. If he wins the Presidency, then make your plans to go visit abroad. But for now, stay home and please keep your mouth shut for the rest of the trip.

I went back and re-read what I had wrote and it struck me. If Romney has embarrassed just as a candidate, what would he be like as President? Do we really want a man in the White House that has already humiliated the American people? I believe his actions now just give us a preview of what’s to come, if he is elected President.  I hope the American people think long and hard about their decision this year.

Just my humble opinion…..

4 thoughts on “Editorial Opinion – July 30

  1. If I am not mistaken, when Obama was in Presidential Candidate mode 4 years ago, he did the same thing. Went overseas and “acted” like he was the President. I think they all do it. Regardless, they should all stay home. I agree with you, anything can happen at this point. If only there was someone amazing waiting in
    the wings to throw a wrench in “their” plan. 🙂


    1. Unfortunately my memory isn’t very long anymore. I can barely remember what happened yesterday, lol! I just don’t get it. What’s the point? They can’t do anything. There is something I thought about after I made that comment. It was Romney’s response that he made in Israel. About Israel having the right to strike back and we would stand behind any action they took. That man is dangerous. We have always tried to keep the peace and now this nut is going to say “bombs away!” If we ain’t careful Romney will have us in WWIII.

      I would love it if someone came out at the last minute and ran against him. At least that would wipe that grin off his face, lol!

      Thank you for your reply, Denise. It was great to hear your opinion.


      1. My memory is not very long anymore either, but I do remember having the same thought you had about Romney back when Obama was running. He was somewhere overseas acting all Mr. President and I know I said the same thing you just did. “What is he doing, he is not even President yet, why is he even over there?” I don’t get it either, I also think we don’t have much say in any of this, honestly. It is very scary. I am from Massachusetts and he made a mess here so I can only imagine what would happen if he had the country to run. I don’t like either option at this point, so a dark horse out of the shadows would be perfect!
        Thanks for your opinion. I found this site by accident and love it. So much info. I could be on here forever exploring. 🙂


      2. Thank you, Denise. I am so glad you found the site and are enjoying it. It is wonderful to hear your opinion on this matter.

        We think alike(that might not be a good thing for you, lol!). I would love to see a dark horse come out and put up a good run for the Presidency. In the last Presidential race, I wanted Hilary to win the nomination. Not just because she was a woman, but she is very intelligent. I believe she would have the ba**s to tackle any problem she face. I would personally have confidence in her and her leadership. But unfortunately, she is in a position now were she can’t run. That’s a shame.


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