Let’s Talk Witch – REINCARNATION

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Let’s Talk Witch – REINCARNATION

Most Witches don’t believe in heaven or hell (except here on earth, as in a really good piece of chocolate or a really bad date). Those are primarily Christian concepts.
What we do believe in is the ongoing cycle of birth, living, death, and rebirth. Like the cycle of the seasons that we call the Wheel of the Year, most of us view this cycle of life as a natural extension of our other spiritual beliefs.
Since as Witches we believe in taking responsibility for our own actions, we also believe that we reap what we sow-that what you do in this life will determine what you end up dealing with in the next one.
Most Witches also believe that one of our major goals as human beings is to better ourselves (sometimes referred to as the Great Work, to acknowledge that for many of us this is a pretty big job … ).

Reincarnation means that, thankfully, we have more than one lifetime in which we can learn all that we need to know. (Personally, I’m sure that I will hit perfection any time now … the next lifetime, or maybe the one after that. Or the one after the one after that… oh, never mind.) The point is, we take what we are given in this particular incarnation and do the best we can with it.
Some Witches also believe in a place called the Summerlands, where we go to rest up in between lives and where we may meet up with our loved ones once again.
The main thing is, we don’t view death as an end but merely as another transition, a natural step in an ongoing dance. While we mourn for those we will no longer have with us in this life, we also know that nothing in the universe is ever truly lost to us. We will see all those we have loved again sometime, either in the Summerlands or in another life.
Some Witches actively try to find out information about their past lives by using a variety of approaches, including psychics, trance work (also known as “journeying”), and past-life regression. sion. And while many of the folks who offer such things are out-and-out frauds, there are some people out there who are the genuine article.
Just use some common sense if you are going to use outside help on your search. If someone tells you that you were Cleopatra or King James the something-or-other in another life, then asks you for lots of money, chances are good that the person in question is full of it.
Learning about a past life may help you to uncover the reasons for issues that you are dealing with in this one-especially if you seem to be stuck making the same mistakes over and over. Hopefully, finding out more about who you were in a past life will help you work to improve the one you are living now.
Whether you seek to learn about your past lives or choose to focus exclusively on the here and now, the knowledge that what you do matters – not just today and tomorrow, but in many tomorrows to come – should inspire you to make the most out of the lessons that life, and the gods, offer you.


Deborah Blake, Everyday Witch A to Z: An Amusing, Inspiring & Informative Guide to the Wonderful World of Witchcraft

The Daily Motivator for Feb. 21 – Thankful for the past

Thankful for the past

You can’t change the past. So there’s no point in continuing to rehash it in  your mind.

Yes, there is much you can learn from the past. Once you’ve learned what  there is to learn, move quickly on.

Though you can’t change the past, you can choose the way you feel about it.  Your best choice is to always feel thankful that your past has brought you to  where you are.

Where you are now is a place and time filled with great possibilities. Choose  the most positive and meaningful of those possibilities, and go with them.

Go into the future with a sincere sense of gratitude and purposeful  intention. Go into the future informed and inspired by the past, but not  burdened by it.

The past has been good to you because it has given you the opportunity of  now. Wisely use that opportunity and make the future even better.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

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Daily OM for August 12th – Evolution of the Soul

Evolution of the Soul

Life Lessons through Reincarnation

by Madisyn Taylor

Often we reincarnate on earth with our soul family and often our most intense relationships are with our soul family.

You meet someone for the first time and feel as if you know them already. You’re in a town that you’ve never been to before, yet you recognize streets and buildings. You start playing a new sport and amaze everyone, including yourself, at your natural abilities and intuitive knowing of the rules. We often describe such experiences as déjà vu: the experience or feeling that a new situation has happened to us before. Then again, the possibility does exist that we have actually lived these experiences in the past or, rather, in another lifetime.

Many spiritual practices believe that reincarnation is real: Our souls return to this earth over a series of lifetimes to evolve, learn, grow, transform, and become more spiritually attuned through the course of each life. When we reincarnate, it is believed that we tend to cycle through our different lives with many of the same people. Often these traveling “soul companions are the ones we enter into relationships with; we work through our unresolved issues together so that we may heal. When we struggle or keep encountering blocks that keep us from reaching our goals, there may be a specific lesson that we are supposed to learn in this lifetime. Being naturally blessed with a musical talent or another gift can be a special ability that you worked hard to develop in a past life. You may even have lived before as another gender or as part of a different social or economic class. Each lifetime brings with it specific lessons that are necessary for our spiritual evolution.

Past life recall can give us valuable insights into our past, present, and future lives. The knowledge of how we lived before can help us overcome present obstacles, understand phobias, and resolve relationship issues. There are workshops you can take to learn about past lives, and past life regression therapists can guide you on your journey backward in time. You can learn to visit your past lives through your dreams, meditation, and trance work. It is even possible to see full scenes of a former lifetime flash before you in your mind’s eye as if you were watching a movie. While looking back at your past lives can be exciting and enlightening, it is important to remember that the answers you are seeking to this life can only truly be found by living this one. Look to your past to see where you’ve been, but remember that the life that matters most is the one that you are living now.

Daily OM

Life As The Witch – Past Life Remembrance Exercise



I have been digging around in our files this morning especially for you, my dear. I am also on the hunt for the unusual and the different. I know if you are like me, you get tired of the same old, same old. I have done it seems like the same Past Life Regressions and Remembrance Spells for the last five years. I ran across this one and automatically said, “Oh boy, I had forgot about this. Something new to share. I admit it is different, very different from what you are use to but it does work and work very well it does. I hope you find it useful and enjoy!

Past Life Remembrance Exercise

Actually you can use it for many things, but it works well for this purpose.

Get into a relaxed position, lying down is best.  You should do some exercise to open your Chakras. After that, once you are really relaxed.  You first imagine that you are getting smaller.  Like your body is shrinking and you become smaller and smaller.  Then you imagine you are your normal size again. Now you imagine that you are getting bigger and bigger, your entire body is just growing.   Then again back to your normal size.  Eac h time you go smaller or bigger, imagine you are going further and further into that size.  When you are getting larger and you feel like you are above the town, above the earth, just hovering with the stars.  Stay there for a minute.  Just relax and think about nothing.  Then when you are ready to return to your normal size again, tell yourself as you move further down towards the earth, when you arrive you will be at another time, in another lifetime.  You can ask to arrive in a lifetime that will help you in this carnation.  Once you are back to normal size, take a minute and just see what you feel what thoughts are running through your head. You might see scenes or images or flashes of things.  Even if you think you might be making it up, just go along with it as it comes.  Don’t question it or try to understand any of it, just be more like a spectator.  When you are ready, you make yourself larger again.  And again, as you are hovering above the earth, you say to yourself as you return to your normal body size, you will be back in your own time, in your present life.  Take your time to come out of it, relaxed and slowly.  You may want to write down what you can remember about it all, so you don’t forget later.  Now, take what information you received and try to meditate on it, see if you can understand anything that connects that life with this one.

Soul Mates and Past Lives: How To Find Them and What To Expect

Soul Mates and Past Lives: How To Find Them and What To Expect
Author: Nita

I married my soul mate twenty-six years ago. Before we met, I thought it would be easy and that we would intuitively understand each other’s wants and needs. It didn’t happen that way and I didn’t know why! I failed to consider many aspects of what it would be like to actually live with my soul mate. He had problems in a completely different way than I did, due to how he had been raised. Our different life experiences caused problems also. I couldn’t help thinking that if this was my soul mate, how could a relationship with a regular guy have more problems than with him?

I looked up what a soul mate was and found some interesting information. A soul mate is a person who fills in all the gaps of your personality. I guess you would say that two soul mates are the yin and yang of a single person. Twin souls duplicate all of the personality traits of each other, including at times having the exact same experiences happen to them during their lifetime. I began to understand more of what I had been noticing about him and how our relationship worked. Twin flames are a variation upon twin souls but only together are the two people completed. Soul Mates can happen to clear up past karma and you can also be out of sync with a soul mate even if they exist in this lifetime.

Living with a soul mate is just as difficult as living with anyone else. Their personality faults and bad habits can drive you crazy. A soul mate is someone that you have bonded with in a past life. The soul connection can help you feel compassion even when they are at their very worst. Soul mates help their partners by expanding their viewpoints. They allow us to open ourselves up and see things in a different way. They feel in the gaps in experience we have by being included in their lives.

I enjoyed traveling and have traveled all over the country but I was never one to go hear bands play or attend musical concerts. My soul mate plays instruments and can really sing. I have heard many great bands and appreciate more types of music than I had ever thought existed. I have had a great deal of fun and found out that I could sing also. I never would have experienced this and many other rewarding things in our relationship if I hadn’t met my soul mate. I have met another soul mate that I am out of sync with in this lifetime. Yet I would be a great deal poorer in love and experience if I had not met these people.

Ask yourself and ponder some serious questions

•What character flaws do I have?
•Am I a difficult person to live with?
•Am I ready to share my life completely with someone?
•Could I like this person and enjoy expanding my life?

It is important to ask if you can like the person. A lot of people now tend to believe that sex and love are the only important questions in a relationship. They then marry someone and it doesn’t work out. The reason is that after the entire glow wears off in a relationship; each person looks at each other differently. I have seen couples stay together not because of sex or how the other person looks. They stay together because they can look at the other person and say “I love them, like them, and want to spend the rest of my life with them.”

You should realize that your soul mate will probably share many of the traits that cause you to be a difficult person. The moment you realize this, you will see that even when you both look at the same problems, your soul mate does things in a totally different or opposite way than you do. The important thing is the result. Different methods don’t matter as long as the end result is what both of you want to have happen. For example, I can be really stubborn at times, so I have little chance of finding a soul mate that is not stubborn in some way. I can depend upon him being stubborn but in a different way than how I am stubborn.

You can have more than one soul mate. This is because you have touched many souls in past lives and have often shared relationships with them. The more lifetimes you have lived, the more chances you will have of finding a compatible soul mate. It makes life really interesting at times. Different soul mates will complement you in different ways, and you learn different things with each soul mate. You may be out of sync with a soul mate which means that you never seem to both be in the position to experience each other. You are always with someone else or in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is still nice to know they are there where you can be friends and know someone else cares for you.

Soul mates appearing in my life have shown me the truth of past lives. A lot of clients of mine that have nightmares and dreams that are problems in their present lives are also dreaming about their soul mates. They have mental trauma occur about their past lives where they were separated or the other person died. It is the reason I stated that some soul mates appear in your life through past karma. It is because one or the other of you left something undone where you actually carried it over to the next lifetime. The two higher selves will join together to resolve the problems whether the soul mates are out of sync or not. It is because resolving the problems is the only way the two souls can experience and move on completely.

You can also have this occur between your soul and people you loved in any lifetime. I have met people that I knew immediately had been my sisters and brothers. Parents and other people I cared for in my life. I have seen this occur with clients who also know that something needs to be done to resolve problems. It is when people have past life issues that affect their lives.

Fear of water, dreams about war, evil people and any of variety of myriad problem dreams and visions can occur. The important thing is to realize you can attract the positive relationships in this life and resolve the undone business that is weighing upon your heart and soul.

The spiritual bonding between soul mates makes it possible for you to attract each other through magical means. This may not happen quickly, but it can be done. The reason that you can draw your soul mate to you is because of the previous bonding. It is like your soul getting a long distance phone call. One soul is saying to the other “I’m here, come get me. I’ve been so lonely without you in my life.” The following spell will help bring your Soul Mate to you.

To draw your soul mate you will need the following items:
•1 pink candle
•1 bottle of good quality myrrh oil
•1 empty picture frame

Take the pink candle and anoint it with the myrrh oil. You anoint a candle by putting myrrh oil on a cloth or a finger and rubbing the candle upward. You completely cover the top half of the candle by moving the cloth or finger upward. You then use the myrrh oil to cover the bottom half of the candle by rubbing downward. Put myrrh oil on the tip of your finger. Then put your fingertip on the center of your forehead, and rub the oil into the skin.

Repeat this, and carry out the following ritual, every night for seven days before sleeping at night. You can keep repeating the spell until you find your soul mate. I have seen people draw their soul mate immediately. It took me seven years of doing this spell on and off. I knew he was my soul mate because I saw him in my dreams after I did the spell.

“I ask for you to come to me
I draw you by the bonds of our past lives and love
Show me your image and who you be
Come to me, come to me, come to me”

Now put out the candle and sit in the dark visualizing the image of your loved one appearing in the picture frame. Do not force an image but let the outline of a person be formed and then the features will form for you if you work on it long enough. You will then know the person who is supposed to be with you in your life.

I have known a few people who find that their soul mate is a three-month-old baby or a ninety-year-old person, and they are in their twenties. It doesn’t matter if you can’t find happiness and bond with another soul mate or with a soul that is compatible with you. It just means there’s more work for you to do on yourself before you will find someone. The most constant thing in the universe is Love and it is letting it into your life that is important.

We all learn from the good and bad things that happen to us. Love is something that is beautiful. But living and bonding with someone, especially a soul mate, can be hard work. The way to make things work is to treat the other person in the same way as you would like to be treated yourself, e.g., “To love one another, and to do unto others as you would be done by.”
You will find that a soul mate is the one person that will always be there for you. They are the people, as all the movies show, who will go to any length to aid and find their loved one. The rewards of finding a soul mate are beautiful and will last through many lifetimes.

One person can be at a different spiritual and mental level, but each of them will still learn from each other. Sometimes one soul progresses quicker than the other. If ever a soul mate is abusive then you should realize that you have done as much for them as you are meant to do. People sometimes mistake a person with a karmic tie as a soul mate. Working off the shared karma releases you from bad situations. But such a partner has to agree to grow with you and change. It is for the higher good of each of you to finish things up and move onward. You will then remove acceptance of abuse from your future lifetimes.

The soul mate for you always helps and supports you through the stages of your life. You both grow and are rewarded by the love, caring, and effort put into each other’s life. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have blockages, troubles, and problems to overcome. It does mean that you will always know that there is another soul and person who loves you

Daily OM for January 2nd – Eternally Present

Eternally Present
Past Life Healing

The key to working with past lives is maintaining awareness of the current reality in which the present takes priority.

Exploring our past lives is a valuable way to understand ourselves better and often leads to healing and the resolution of issues plaguing us in this life. However, the key to working with past lives is maintaining an awareness of the current reality in which the present always takes priority. Past lives can be fascinating and entertaining, or emotionally seductive, and we can get lost in them, losing touch with the most important thing—the life we are living right now.

Of course, there is a deep connection between our past lives and our current life, so it’s sometimes hard to say where one begins and the other one ends. For example, we may be aware that one of our closest friends or partners is someone we knew from a past life, and that connection feels like an unbroken chord reaching into the past, reminding us of the vast nature of the soul. We may have issues with this person that stem from the past, or we may just be blessed with a deep love that we are fortunate to have with us in this life. Either way, the issues must be resolved in this life, in the present moment. The love is our gift to experience in this life, not in the past. In many ways, the gift of dealing with our past lives is the profound revelation of how truly eternal we all are. Once we comprehend this, we can let go of focusing on the details of the past and simply allow our awareness of the eternal to positively influence our ability to be in the present moment.

You will know you have received the full fruits of past-life exploration when you find yourself even more powerfully present in the eternal now. The past becomes less distinct as it resolves itself, merging with the present and the future in the nexus of consciousness that holds all time and space. We realize that this moment holds everything within it, the resolved and the unresolved, the past and the future, and that it is from this moment that we must live our lives.