Spell of the Day for September 29: Charm Protection Spell

Charm Protection Spell


Items You Will Need:

Small Clear Crystal

An Acorn



Green Silk or Cotton


The Spell:

Take a small clear crystal, an acorn, some rosemary and mandrake and a bit of green silk or cotton. It doesn’t need to be a big piece. Cast your circle and creating a pouch from the herbs, bless them with each Element saying:

“While this dwells within, there will be protection without. Cleanse and charge this charm, Element of against all who wish me ill!”

Now hang this somewhere not too obviously, like hiding it in a corner or over a window. This will protect you till Samhain when you should burn it in the sacred fire, crystal and all. If it is not too tainted, the fire will just cleanse the crystal and you’ll be able to retreive it from the ashes but I always recommend just getting a new one.



Take a red color lipstick and draw a lip print on a piece of white paper,
then take a red candle and light and burn the paper in an ashtray while chanting:
“Kiss me when we meet ,
Kiss me {mention persons Full………. name
Greet me with your lips, and say you missed me.
But most of all kiss me as a lover should do Magic kisses so I will love you
Kiss me softly and by me always stay our love will last forever as you kiss me today…”
Don’t forget to visualize the person you want to kiss you , and conjure love .

Special Kitty of the Day for November 11th

Hairball, the Cat of the Day
Name: Hairball
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Maine Coon mix
Home: Illinois, USA
We found Hairball under our deck. He adopted us immediately, recognizing us as cat people who would spoil him shamelessly. We’re not sure how old he is, our guess is somewhere between four and five by now. He has two brothers to torment, Squirm (the Worm) and Spankenstein. He graciously allows us to live in his house.

Hairball is the “big brother” in our house. He loves to play with his little brother, Squirm. They chase each other around the house, while the “middle kid” Spankenstein watches them like they’re morons. Hairball like to chase the laser light point and can do a back flip when he feels like it. At night he sleeps on my feet. During the day, he’s on my lap… when he can push Spankenstein off. As you can see by the picture, he loves to squeeze himself into small spaces. He is happiest in a bag, under the foot stool or stuffed into a FedEx box. When we’re not home, he hangs out on top of our china cabinet, surveying his domain.