Calendar of the Sun for August 6

Calendar of the Sun

6 Weodmonath

Wheat Day

Color: Golden
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon a golden cloth place a sheaf of wheat, a sickle, a clay jug of wheat beer, and a loaf of fresh-baked whole wheat bread.
Offering: Give food to the poor.
Daily Meal: Wheat bread, pasta, or pastry.

Wheat Invocation

Today, sweet golden king,
My hand belongs to Her
As does your body.
I thank you for your gift of life
And I promise you rebirth next year
With this my very same hand.
And in your turn
Since someday my body will be Hers as well
Promise me
The same hope;
Rebirth me in joy everlasting.

(The sickle is swung in a circle, then the wheat beer is passed around, and the remainder poured out as a libation.)

I sing the praises of Wheat,
First grain of the wagon people of Europe,
You who make the bread rise high,
You who make the soft white dough,
You who are sweet
And can last a thousand years
And still blossom forth in the Earth.
I sing the praises of Wheat.

(The bread is passed around, and the remainder scattered in the garden.)

Song: Corn Rigs

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Poppet to Silence a Gossip

Poppet to Silence a Gossip

Material: Ground beef or other squishy meat

Herbs: Horseradish, pepper, rue, yarrow, valerian

Shape the meat and herbs into a person, and create a “meat puppet” in the same way you’d make a fabric one. As you make the doll, tell it that it’s time to be silent, and tell no more gossipy stories. Remind it that people who can’t say nice things shouldn’t say anything at all. Dispose of the doll by either burning it on your grill and burying it someplace far away, feeding it to your dog, or leaving it out in the sun to rot.

Living Life As The Witch – The Living Rede

The Living Rede

A lifetime of learning I’ve set to these pages,
Some learned from fools, and some learned from sages.

This tomb contains musings: some wisdom, some rant.
Some will find truth here, some won’t and some can’t.

If your eyes fall upon this page, it’s meant for you,
For the Universe offers what you’re meant to do.

The Secret of Magic quite often astounds:
There isn’t a Secret! Just look all around!

The Trees teach you lessons – the Willow that bends.
The challenge for you: learn the message it sends.

By Example and Symbol the Universe speaks.
It may happen quickly or take many weeks.

Be aware what you notice – it needs your attention
If you’re going to hear what it’s trying to mention.

For the Universe rarely speaks loudly and clearly,
But it speaks all the time if you listen sincerely.

You’re here for a reason – to heal, teach and learn.
The better you listen, the more growth you’ll earn.

The goal, it would seem, is reunion with Spirit.
Learn lessons while here, don’t run from, don’t fear it.

Though we travel our own paths, our lives interlace.
We must all grow together – this isn’t a race.

So be mindful of others, and help when you can,
A bird, tree or pebble, a woman or man.

Material, Ether and Astral involved,
Work them correctly, your problems be solved.

Magic is simple, has rules, like Mundane,
Push or pull with your Heart and direct with your Brain.

The Emotions you raise will determine its power.
The more you project, that much sooner its hour.

The Thoughts that you hold in your mind as you cast
Tell the power its job – where to go and its task.

If your thoughts falter or change while you work,
Your focus is lessened – your power will fork.

Dual aspects to work with, the God and the Goddess,
Called Yang and called Yin – the names matter not, honest!

Yang feels like anger – you feel in your chest.
It jumps to the hand and for quick work is best.

Yin is much softer – it’s felt at the womb.
The power of Love and the peace of a tomb.

Yang is aggressive – Male “Get It Done Now!”
If you’re in a hurry, Yang does it, and how!

Yin is more subtle, for delicate tasks.
If you’re working with love, it’s the one you should ask.

All genders have both, their intensities varied,
And strong you will be with both energies married.

Be Humble and True, though, whatever your power. Sometimes you’re the lightning, sometimes you’re The Tower.

The Cards hold no magic, the Runes have no secret
That’s not found within you – if only you’ll seek it.

Negative or Positive? Sometimes you must give.
The Antelope dies so the Lion may live.

Remember, when tragedy breaks down your door:
Whatever you lose, you will gain so much more.

I know it sounds hard, when loss brings pain and sorrow,
But you will know joy again – next year, or tomorrow.

One thing that I’ve found, and I hope you will heed:
Ask not what you want from life. Ask what you need.

Ask what you want and it may come to you,
But ask what you need: What you came here to do.

This far through my Rede you have stayed and have read.
Down paths much like mine you are likely to tread.

I welcome you, joyful, a companion to walk,
For someone to listen to, someone to talk.

These pages are yours to accept or critique.
May your road straight to Spirit unfold at your feet.

Stay if you will, here, or leave if you must.
Blessed Be, One and All. Perfect Love. Perfect Trust.

– Brian Gallagher – author of this rede

Your Daily Number for December 10th: 3

Look out! You yield enormous power to influence others today, and may even appear more attractive than usual. You’re upbeat and playful, and the world knows it. If there’s a deal or project you’ve been waiting to close, now is the time to do it. Make sure you’re organized, because there’s also a tendency to be a bit scattered and forgetful.

Fast Facts

About the Number 3

Theme: Expansive, Sociable, Dramatic, Diversified, Creative
Astro Association: Venus
Tarot Association: Empress