November 19 Today in History

Today’s Important Historical Events

1530 The Recess document resulting from the Diet of Augsburg signed by Charles V and catholic princes

1620 The Mayflower reaches Cape Cod and explores the coast

1805 Lewis and Clark Expedition, led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, reaches the Pacific Ocean, first European Americans to cross the west

1863 US President Abraham Lincoln delivers his Gettysburg address beginning; “Four score and seven years ago…”

1942 Operation Uranus: Soviet offensive begins during Battle of Stalingrad, 1 million Soviet soldiers encircle the German Sixth Army

1969 Apollo 12’s Charles Conrad and Alan Bean become the 3rd and 4th humans on the Moon

Today’s Historical Events

461 St Hilary begins his reign as Catholic Pope

1274 Mongol army lands at Hakata Bay in Japan during their first invasion attempt and are defeated; a typhoon destroys most of their fleet as they withdraw

1367 League of Cologne goes against Danish king Waldemar IV

1493 Christopher Columbus discovers Puerto Rico, on his 2nd voyage

1521 Battle at Milan: Emperor Charles V‘s pontifical, Spanish and German troops beat French forces and occupy Milan

1523 Giulio de’ Medici chosen as Pope Clemens VII

1530 The Recess document resulting from the Diet of Augsburg signed by Charles V and catholic princes

1544 Pope Paul III opens council of Trente

Today’s Historical Events in Film and TV

1916 Samuel Goldwyn and Edgar Selwyn establish Goldwyn Picture; the company later became one of the most successful independent filmmakers

1955 KXMB TV channel 12 in Bismarck, North Dakota (CBS/ABC) begins broadcasting

1959 “Rocky & His Friends” debuts on ABC

1962 KOET (now KULC) TV channel 9 in Ogden, UT (PBS) begins broadcasting

1965 ABC radio begins weekly “Vietnam Update” report

1967 The establishment of TVB, the first wireless commercial television station in Hong Kong

1969 WENY TV channel 36 in Elmira, NY (ABC) begins broadcasting

1971 Disney World’s Fort Wilderness opens

Today’s Historical Events in Music

1923 Béla Bartòk’s “Tancsuite” premieres

1972 “Ambassador” opens at Lunt-Fontanne Theater NYC for 9 performances

1972 “Dear Oscar” closes at Playhouse Theater NYC after 5 performances

1976 George Harrison releases single “This Song”, an expression of his frustration at being sued for copyright infringement

1979 Chuck Berry released from prison for income tax evasion conviction

1990 Pop duo Milli Vanilli are stripped of their Grammy Award after it is learned they did not sing on their award-winning “Girl You Know Its True” album

1992 “3 From Brooklyn” opens at Helen Hayes Theater NYC for 45 performances

1995 “Sacrilege” closes at Belasco Theater NYC after 21 performances

Today’s Historical Events in Sports

1906 London selected to host 1908 Olympics

1932 Joe Kershalla scores 71 points in a college football game

1939 Don Lash wins 6th straight AAU cross-country 10K championship

1951 Roy Campanella named NL MVP on his 30th birthday

1953 US Supreme Court rules (7-2) baseball is a sport not a business

1961 Houston Oilers quarterback George Blanda passes for 7 touchdowns in a 49-13 rout of NY Titans at Jeppesen Stadium, Houston

1968 New York Yankees pitcher Stan Bahnsen wins AL Rookie of the Year

1975 Reds 2nd baseman Joe Morgan is named NL MVP

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