A Thought for Today

If today’s posts seem to have chaotic energy in them I apologize. I have my first court hearing for my divorce from  man who’s last name I still carry but have not seen in 21 years. I never had a reason to divorce him before but now that I am reunited with my twin flame, Lord Beltane a.k.a. Big Dawg and we are to be married as soon as we can after my divorce is final (his became final in August from his wife of 28 years) I want to get it over with so we can live the rest of the lifetime united not just by law but by a Handfasting also. Even though my soon to be ex-husband did not accept the paper telling him of today’s Zoom court date I am concerned that something will not go right. An irrational concern probably but I still am feeling that way. At least I get to do this court date from the comfort of my home so my anxiety level is not through the roof but it is still pretty high. Court starts at 10:30 AM CDT if you have read this by than I can use all the positive thoughts you care to send my way. I would have put off posting until after my court appearance but we have a lot of things to do today and I do not know if I would have the time to get both hemispheres posts for tomorrow done.

Please remember this is the annual fundraising time to renew the witchesofthecraft.com domain name. If the renewal fee is not paid by November 17, 2022 we will lose the WOTC domain name and anyone can take it over after 20+ years. Lady of the Abyss started this website when us pagans/witches had to hide in plain sight even more than we do now. WOTC was a pioneering witchcraft website back in the day but Lady Abyss started it after the Goddess told her to spread the word of what real witches/pagans and witchcraft are compared to how we have been stereotyped for centuries. I was blessed to receive this website as a gift from Lady abyss just a little over a month before she crossed into the Spirit Plane. She felt I could and I hope I am carrying on her work. See the post “Annual WOTC Fund Raiser” for more information on how you can help Lady Beltane secure the WOTC domain for another year. No proceeds from this fundraiser will be used for any other purpose but retain our domain name.

Blessed be dear sisters, brothers, and honored guests may your life be filled with all things positive!