Missing Birthday Horoscopes, Astronomy Picture of the Day and Emails

Well, I am finally back to posting. The regular posts for today will not be done because of catching up the birthday horoscopes and astronomy pictures. Sitting at my desk for 2 hours trying to get things done after not being at it for so long is making back start to hurt so I have to be more like the turtle than the hare with getting back into my routine of sitting at my desk for about 5 to 6 hours a day to bring you the things you enjoy reading. Tomorrow, I hope to be feeling up to posting for September 30th, October 1st. Which are the tomorrow posts for the Northern Hemisphere. Then Saturday I will be posting for October 2nd and 3rd which are the tomorrow posts for both hemispheres.

Thank you, Libra’s, for your patience in being able to read your birthday horoscopes. You can find your birthday horoscope by clicking on the date you want calendar on WOTC’s Homepage.

I am put up one post with the links to all the Astronomy Picture of the Day from September 13th to today instead of a post for each day.

I will be catching up on emails hopefully Saturday.

Thank you all for all the support, comments, and patience while I went through a heavy grieving period with major depression and anxiety problems. I will not say the depression and anxiety are back under my control, but I will say I am better than yesterday. But I know getting back into a regular routine is very important for my mental and emotional health so here I am. As you can tell I am coming ack kind of slowly.

Until we meet again dear sisters, brothers, and honored guests may your life be filled with all things positive!