A Laugh for Today

My familiars have done this to me on and off since the day I brought them home.

Enjoy your Sunday!


2 thoughts on “A Laugh for Today

  1. my pug always sat on my left toes with his bum. Not sure why but they did stay toasty lol I’m just hoping no familiars decide to chose me any time soon. I’m not ready. Herbie has only been gone 6 and half months, it’s still so raw. Had no idea this was what it felt like to lose someone you love. I’d never mourned anyone who’d died in my life (of 52 years) never. I may have been sad (Or celebrating) but never ever had this raw, awful ache and emptiness. To see things or do things that make you just spontaneously burst into tears and hurt all over again. No human or critter (and I’ve had hundreds of pets in my life) ever reached in and took over my soul like Herbie did. I’m bawling right now lol


    1. I can understand how you feel. When I lost, Boots, my familiar of 14 1/2 years it took me almost 16 months before I was ready to search for my next dog. I wanted a Min Pin and went to shelters but my Cleo did not find me there. I saw an ad in the newspaper for a private family that had Min Pin pups with 1/2 the sales price going to our local shelters, so we went to have a look. I stuck my hand in the enclosure where 4 pups were playing, and my Cleo came up to me and started licking it. Ok I figured she just wanted attention as her brothers were giving her a hard time but nope, I tried it 4 more times before picking her up and having an immediate bond with her. I’ve lost many pets over my 64 years especially as a child but when Boots crossed the rainbow bridge, I was totally heartbroken and cried for months. Boots comes and visits whenever I Ask and sometimes when I don’t. Even though it has been 14 1/2 years since his crossing I still have tears welling up writing this as I feel your raws emotions over losing your Herbie. Blessed be Christa you will know when the time is right for you and your new familiar to be together jhust don’t let anyone rush you into something you are not ready to care for.


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