Why Is Self-Reflection So Essential Now?

Why Is Self-Reflection One of the Most Important Things You Can Do Now?

Collectively and individually, we’re living through a MAJOR transformation.

Perhaps you’ve noticed?

We are living in the transition between ages, and waves and waves of light and cosmic energy are flooding onto the planet right now.

This time has long been foretold in a variety of spiritual lineages, teachings, and cultures.

We are transitioning out of the Kali Yuga (Age of Darkness) into the Satya Yuga (Age of Truth).

These are Sanskrit words… But know that this time has not only been prophesied about by the Vedics, but also the Toltecs, Mayans, Essenes, and so many more wise lineages and traditions.

We’re in transition and preparation times, for a HUGE Shift.. The awakening of Gaia Mother Earth (and humanity) to a whole new level.

For Millions of years, Gaia’s consciousness has been in a sort of slumber, a sleep state.

This gave humanity the opportunity to play out distorted “games” of separation, war, destruction, suffering and lack – all consciously and unconsciously chosen through free will.

But this is now beginning to shift. Gaia is waking up, and …

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