Salute to Aningan – the Inuit God of the Moon

The northern sky is broad and flawless black, 

A vast expanse from which most look away,

But Aningan the Moon is on the track

Of caribou and seals, and will not stray.

His barking dogs work hard to pull his sleigh,

Weighted down with fur, and ivory tusks, and meat.

Watch over us, Brave Moon. We pass your way.

And come as brother hunters, on hushed feet.

We ask for your forbearance as we meet

The challenges laid out along the trail.

We brave the winter’s cold, the summer’s heat,

But know that with your wisdom, none shall fail.

Though harsh the path, your patience will not pall;

You serve as an example to us all

By Elizabeth Barrette in Llewellyn’s Wiches’ Datebook 2004 Page 31