How to Make Black Salt and Some of Its Uses

I live in an old house like built in the 18oo’s old. This home belonged to the foreman of the wheat farm who was a man of color. He lived here with his children and wife and it was also a brief stop on the Underground Railroad once Illinois declared emancipation of slaves in their first constitution in 1818 when it became a state. We share our home with those who had passed on in it culminating with a raid on the house by slave bounty hunters killing all the hidden slaves, the foreman, and his entire family. Somehow the raiders were also killed in this house so we have good and evil spirits here. Through the help of one of of my Priestesses in Training we banished the evil ones or at least we thought they were gone for good. Even after being a Pagan for over 40 years I used white tablet salt to do a protective circle outside and inside our home…wrong move. Considering these Spirits have lived here in life and death for over 200 years none of them will go away easily. We will not send any Spirit that is good to the Summerlands or banish them.

Last night something popped into my head, brought be my Spirit Guides and/or Ancestors, that I should have used Black Salt to form the protection I want and need around and inside my home. Below is a recipe for making your own black salt and a couple of ways to use it for protection.

“In some folk magic traditions, black salt is used as a protective element. It can be blended up and sprinkled around your property to keep your home safe from intruders or troublemakers. It is traditionally used to drive away evil, and can even be sprinkled in the footprints of someone who is bothering you, to make them go away.”

Make Your Own Black Salt

“Some websites recommend adding a dye or food coloring to the salt. However, when you add liquid to salt it gets clumpy, and then dissolves. So you’ll want to use something dry to color it instead. Here’s a basic recipe for black salt:

  • 2 parts sea salt
  • 1 part scrapings from a cast iron skillet or pot OR
  • 1 part fine ash from your fire pit OR
  • 1 part finely ground black pepper OR
  • 1 part dry, powdered black food coloring

Depending on the density of your coloring ingredient…

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