Good Whatever Time You Get to Read This in the Southern Hemisphere

To our Southern Hemisphere readers, I am still working out a way to get you your horoscopes and daily everything when it is morning where you live. I think I almost have it figured out and hope to start the new week with both hemispheres getting daily things in the morning and not when your day is coming to a close. OK, I really need feedback from, our DownUnder brothers and sisters. I have set the “Daily Horoscope” and “Moon Phase” to post about 3:00 PM CT my Friday 5/31 afternoon. which if I figured the time right they should go live about 7:00 AM AEST on your Saturday, June 1st morning.

If these two posts work like I hope they will I can post information at an appropriate time for both hemispheres. When we da Sabbat gathering in the Coven Life chat room we have one circle but 2 rituals one for the Northern Sabbat and another ritual for the Southern Sabbat.

Since I started the Coven Life website I felt it is important that my students and/or visitors to the site learn about how magick is done and the Esbats and Sabbats are observed. We have quite a few articles written by my right-hand witch, Priestess Hypatia, who lives in Australia and has access to websites from there that I cannot see, about to bring up sitting the middle of the USA.

As I said last week when I took over WOTC there would be some minor changes. To me the most important thing is to get you the daily planetary positions, current moon phase, and daily horoscope, of course, I will attempt at some point so to add to the daily things for you. As far as posting information on the Southern Wheel of the Year they will be posted on

Please give me feedback on if the posts I did for the Southern Hemisphere come live on this website at about 7:00 AM AEDT. If you want it earlier in the morning then that I can change the post going live time easily.


2 thoughts on “Good Whatever Time You Get to Read This in the Southern Hemisphere

  1. Hi Lady B,
    Just wanted to say Thankyou for going to all this trouble.I know how difficult it must be running a site[or two] while dealing with your ailment.I sent this by e-mail because I can’t comment directly on the posts.I think I told you we have no mobile phone reception out here in Black Springs?Wordpress does require a mobile phone number unfortunately and since we can’t use them , neither hubby or I bother getting credit for our phones because we never get to use them.Silly really, but such is the way with a lot of things now.Sometimes I miss the old ways when life was a lot simpler.Anyway, I also wanted to tell you I’m still working on my next lesson and should have it to you by the end of next week [if not before].I’m taking my time with it because a little while ago I developed headaches along with the rest of my symptoms.I thought I was lucky because it was the one thing I wasn’t getting with my Fibromyalgia, but one day they started and since then I’ve had one most days.It’s very debilitating but life must go one mustn’t it?Anyway, thanks again for all the work you put into things.I want to start contributing more to Coven life’s web site soon….soon as I have a good day that is.Blessings and good health to you,


    1. Hi Drunita,
      Your comment came through with about a problem. Yes the headaches with fibromyalgia can put you out of commission. I’ve had one since yesterday afternoon. Mine are migraines so bad I can’t concentrate on anything.
      Thank you for the compliment! Feel better soon.


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