Ogham Reading for Today


The Rowan or mountain ash tree has long been a magical tree in much of European folklore. It protects one from malevolent beings; dark magic and can ward off any harm or bad luck that may befall an individual. The key points to remember with the letter Luis are protection, refuge, white magic, and safe journeys.

Fortune – Drawing this Ogham is a sign to flush all negativity from your life. Protect yourself mentally and physically from bad vibes!


While pine is not a very durable wood for building, it is suitable for burning and keeping us warm. In modern times it has gained more uses, but the fragrance of the wood is what got the most attention many years ago. Because of that Ailm has become associated with purification, atonement, and regeneration. Allow the symbol and smoke of the pine to cleanse your heart and soul.

Fortune – New projects are on the horizon! They will cleanse and purify your soul and take you in a great direction!


In the Celtic religion the yew tree is a symbol of eternal life. Yew is often found in churchyards across Europe, and the oldest known wood artifact is a yew spearhead dating over 450,000 years old. Idho has a long and ancient connection with man, making it symbolic of death and renewal. The yew is a gateway for the dying before they find eternal life. Drawing this letter does not imply physical death, however it does show a great change is about to occur in life!

Fortune – This Ogham signifies death. Not in the literal sense but metaphorically it is time to let go or move on from something important. The rebirth will be grand!

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