Your Love Horoscopes for the Week of April 28

Sarah Bartlett, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room


The ‘dark of the moon’ occurs just before the new crescent moon appears in the sky. This is a time of waiting, of feeling that we are about to give both to something, unsure of what that actually is.

So with a sigh of relief, the new moon in Taurus this week, heralds a creative surge of energy. In fact, by the end of the week, we will all feel that sense of a new beginning, romantic opportunity or simply a new way to redress an old problem.



A few months back, did you wonder if your hopes and dreams would ever come true? So how will this week’s planetary line-up effect you, and how will you know what to expect? Well with a little self-reflection you will know that deep down inside, feelings never go away, but new ones are about to change your life for the better.




This week, thanks to the new moon in your own sign, you can start to breathe fresh romantic air if single, or complete the next stage to mutual understanding, if attached. There is a part of you which has changed for the better, so it’s up to you to be realistic, it’s up to you to put your foot down where it hasn’t been before, and it’s up to you to make a plan for long-term contentment.




This week, the planets make you realise that you hold the future in your own hands. You can free yourself from the chains of thinking ‘what might have been’ or ‘what if’. This week, ‘If only I had done that’ flips to ‘let’s move on and leave the past behind.’ Time to let passion and love return to your life.





Are you juggling your lifestyle around family and work and not really thinking much about love? Or do you just want romance and nothing but? This week, the cosmos gives you the strength to tell partners, colleagues or loved ones what your real relationship goals are. So communicate those ideas, and soon all you seek will be yours.




This week, find joy through your love relationships but don’t assume it all leads to permanent bliss. Whether it’s fun with the one you love, or with someone new, right now, there is an adventurous air to all you do and say.




You begin to realise that in all the mess that love is, there is no-one to blame. So show that you can turn the tables, you can recreate the romance and the heady anticipation of love’s first rewards, and simultaneously show that love is about moving forward, not going back.




For quite some time now you’ve been unsure of one love interest. You projected your hopes and desires onto someone else, and now they can’t carry this image for you any more. They’re just themselves. Can you love this person for who they are, not what you want them to be?




An irritating doubt that someone or something has let you down turns into a realisation that it’s just an illusion generated by your own desires. Suddenly, you’re no longer just a nomad on love’s crazy pathways, and you are no longer travelling to avoid yourself, you’re journeying towards better relating.




You may be moody and want more than you already have, but you’re also passionate and loyal. And it’s this apparent contradiction in yourself which others find hard to understand. The only answer you can give right now is to tell those who cannot see the truth about you, that sometimes challenging love, can make the world a happier place.




This week get out and about and take a chance on new romance. In fact, you’re suddenly propelled into thinking and acting in a very different way from the past. So take control of the future and create something beautiful. Honour your desires, rather than try to avoid them.




Well, either you’re absolutely infatuated with someone and can’t stop thinking about them, or, you don’t want to be trapped in a relationship and can’t for the life of you work out why. You feel stuck behind a closed door. But the key to the lock is in your hand. Dare you use it?




When you see a vision of what could be, don’t ignore it; when you touch someone’s deeper feeling and know there is a way forward, don’t judge them, or yourself, nor let go of that touching. Love with the light of yourself, rather than in the shadow of someone’s expectations. You will soon be set free on the pathway to happiness.



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