It is Monday Morning, April 29th, Hail & Well Met

It is Monday Morning, April 29th, Hail & Well Met,

I am not here to defend or criticize Lady Abyss for her post yesterday. Lady Abyss has been my sister for as long as I can remember. We grew up together and then my family moved to Louisiana. Every time Lady A has needed me, I have come. I will always come to her aid because she is my sister and my family. Like Lady A, I have no one left on this plane to call family besides her. I probably know her better than she knows her own self. She is a very passionate person, loving, caring and most of all devoted. Any cause she decides to tackle she tackles it with every ounce of energy she has and is ruthless in the pursuit of it.

I have read some of your comments in regards to her post yesterday. Most of those posts were from new people to the site. I know you do not know what the last few years have been like for Lady Abyss, so I will enlighten you. Then perhaps you can understand and wonder what has kept her from exploding before now or losing her mind:

1. Her best friend and mine as well was killed in a tragic automobile accident out of state. Lady A was closer to Mystie than I was. I left and Lady A and Mystie continued to live together and grow up together. Lady A blamed herself for months and months for Mystie’s death. She kept saying, “if only I had been with her, if only I had been with her.” She thought if she had been with her that maybe she could have prevented that accident. Mystie had been drinking but wasn’t impaired. A semi crossed the line and hit Mystie’s car head on and she was killed instantly. Lady A thought that if she was there she would have been driving and maybe her reaction’s would have been faster and she could have avoided the wreck that took her best friend’s life. Mystie left behind two sons. Lady A took those sons in and is raising them as her own. Mystie had no life insurance to bury herself with. Lady A stepped in and maxed out all her credit cards so she could bury her best friend.

2. I don’t remember the date but the first incident involved Lady A being hit by a drunk driver. She was on her way to town on one of the back roads. The drunk driver ran a stop sign, hit Lady A’s truck in the side and flipped it. She has one of her familiars with her, who was hanging out the truck window enjoying the Summer breeze and that familiar was killed instantly. The fire department had to cut Lady A out of the truck after they got it back upright. She stayed in the hospital for a good month if not longer. Her left arm, that was holding her familiar, was pinned under the truck. The doctors thought they would have to amputate it because they thought she would never be able to use it again. They were wrong. We insisted they give her the chance to at least to try and use it and she did. But that is not the worst of it, her whole entire left side was so mangled that she had to have her hip replaced, they had to rebuild her entire left leg all the way down to her foot with rods, bolts, nuts and screws. They thought at one time she would never walk again. When she came to, she had amnesia. She didn’t remember a thing and she did recover her memory about a month or two of being home.

3. After that nasty accident, Lady A’s cabin was burnt to the ground. The boys were not home at the time. Lady A had a stalker who threw something through the window of her cabin and it ignited the entire ground floor. Lady A and her familiar were forced to jump out a second story window to avoid being burned to death. She landed on her left side and due to the fall, she injured some of the rods in that side. She was in the hospital for several weeks over that incident.

4. Lady A started experiencing severe pain in the right side of her body. The doctors sent her for tests. The tests revealed that she had a massive tumor on her right hip. It was also wrapped around her hip socket and running up and down that side of her body. They took her to surgery and removed the tumor. In the meantime, it was discovered that she had a very rare blood condition. At the time, one that the doctors had no treatment for. There was one treatment but it was experimental. It was also very costly and since it was experimental the insurance would not cover it. Lady A figured that her time on this plane was up and had prepared herself for the inevitable. But the money was raised at the last minute for the experimental drug and it does seem to be working. She has to go ever so often so the doctors can keep an eye on the drug and if there are any negative reactions to the drugs.

5. Lady A decided she would take a job so she wouldn’t have to depend on donations to survive. She took a job at one of the local vet clinics in town. The first day at work, she was viciously attacked by her employer. He has made passes at her off and on but she figured if she went to work for him, then she would be safe. It would be a safe, work environment, she was wrong. He came up to her and started massaging her shoulders. She told him to stop and started to get up. When she did, he hit her across the face and knocked her into a desk. She said she blacked out and doesn’t remember what happened after that. She woke up one top of him and the police was pulling her off of him. She said she was stunned at the blood and the man’s face. He had deep, deep scars on his face where she has tried to rip his face off and put out one of his eyes. She remembers none of this nor does she know how she was able to knock him in the floor and get on top of him. The police did not know what was going on, so they arrested both of them and Lady A went to jail over it. After her bond was determined, we managed to get her out of jail. She was defending herself from a brutal attack and she went to jail over it.

I know I have probably left something out but these are the facts that I can’t remember. I know Lady A has been through hell and back again. I know we all have our problems but it seems some of us more than others.

I am not defending the post Lady A made yesterday but I want you to understand a person can only take so much till they are pushed over their limit. I believe in the past few years, Lady A has had more than her fair share of unfortunate incidents. With everything she has been through, it is only a matter of time before she exploded, which she did yesterday.

I know Lady A better than anyone, I love her as a sister. I accept her with all her faults and all her being. She is only human and a human can only take so much. I have been with her through all the accident and tragedies that she has had in her life. I know her heart and I know her soul. She is a good person. Now that you understand her full story and background, are you still willing to judge her so quickly? If I had been through what she has been through, I probably wouldn’t have good sense by now and would have exploded a long time ago.

Lady A loves passionately. She cares deeply, at times I think too deeply but that is our Lady. In all these years of being on The WOTC, she has exploded perhaps once or twice. Each time she has caught hell for it, but put yourself in her shoes. Of course, we all have problems but Lady A has always tried to be open and honest with you. She has been an excellent leader and fought many battles that known of you know about. She has her battle scars more than your average person or witch. She is a wonderful mother to the boys, she has been kind and compassionate to everyone on this site and for some of the comments that came through, I was shocked. Yes, her post was shocking. I am not trying to second guess her or anything like that. I am assuming she felt like she had tried kindness and it didn’t work, so it was time for drastic measures, her familiar’s life was at stake. She values all life very highly. I can understand her being scared that she was going to lose her familiar. Lady A feels alone in this world even though she has all of us with her. She still feels alone. I know what I saw in her face yesterday, it was pain and heart-break.

So judge her if you will, throw your rocks and stones but understand one thing, no matter what happens, she does love each and everyone of you. I believe that is one of her biggest faults, she loves you too much. She only wants that love returned. I know yesterday she wasn’t in a very loving mood to anyone even us. She was scared and afraid. She is human after all. Maybe we forget that she is just human like the rest of us. Maybe we need to stop and ask ourselves if we were in her place how would we act? I know how I would act and it would be a lot worse than Lady A acted. No matter the outcome with Kade, we have decided that we are not going to let her leave The WOTC. If it comes to the worse with him, she will need love and support. She can get that here with those of you, she calls brothers and sisters. She will also have the support and comfort of everyone in this office. After all she is the heart and soul of The WOTC. She has took this site further than anyone else ever could. She has broke down many barriers and paved new paths for each and everyone of us.

I know behind the scenes what she has done for the Pagan community. I believe she is entitled to blow up once in a while, who wouldn’t she carries a heavy load on her shoulders. There is a lot you don’t know and a lot that has happened in our many years of being on the internet and in the local community. I know and the rest of the people here know as well. She has been a driving force in our community and we will not let her leave without a fight. We need her whether you think so or not. Without her presence we won’t last six months. She is our heart and soul. We love her no matter what. She is our family and our blood and we won’t let her leave no matter what.

Now that you know the whole story, are you so ready to criticize her? Think about it. Forgive her and let’s move on.
Thank you for taking the time to read this,

Lord of the Myst
& The Rest of the WOTC Staff

Thank you, Lady Beltane. I will tell Lady A of your generous donation. I know she will deeply appreciate it.