Beltane – A Little of This & A Little of That


Beltane – A Little of This & A Little of That

Beltane Oil

Carrier oil specific: almond
3 drops apple
3 drops calendula
3 drops frankincense
3 drops lilac

–Gianne’s Grimoire of Personal Power
Lady Gianne


Celebration Powder

Talc in the color of your choice
Glitter in the color of your choice
Use equal parts talc, rosemary, and cinnamon, adding as much glitter as your want. This powder can be worn to any appropriate celebration. Dust yourself lightly.

–Gianne’s Grimoire of Personal Power
Lady Gianne


Beltane Incense

3 parts Frankincense
2 parts Sandalwood
1 part Benzoin
1 part Cinnamon
A few drops Patchoulli essential oil

This makes an easy powder to throw on a charcoal block or on the balefire.



Beltane Ritual soap

Add Thyme and rose to an old knee-high stocking filled
with those soap slivers you saved. The soap will tempt the fairy folk
into joining your celebrations, if it is possible.


Beltane Anointing oil

Add lily of the valley essential oil (no more than 8
drops to 1/8 cup good nut oil like peanut or safflower)
and warm slightly.

This will provide more than enough to anoint everyone in the circle.



Beltane Ritual Potpourri

Recipe by Gerina Dunwich

45 drops frankincense oil
1 cup oak moss
1 cup dried bluebells
1 cup dried lilac
1 cup dried marigold
1 cup dried meadowsweet
1 cup dried rosebuds and petals
1 cup dried yellow cowslips

Mix the frankincense oil with the oak moss and then add the remaining ingredients. Stir the potpourri well and store in a tightly covered ceramic or glass container.


(The above recipe for “Beltane Ritual Potpourri” is quoted directly from Gerina Dunwich’s book “The Wicca Spellbook: A Witch’s Collection of Wiccan Spells, Potions and Recipes”, page 162, A Citadel Press Book, Carol Publishing Group, 1994/1995)