Before We Celebrate Beltane Tomorrow Or Tonight, Let’s Clear The Air…..

I am getting ready to take Kade to the Vet. Yes, he is still alive. I called and called to see if I could get him into a Vet earlier but they had no appointments till today. So I have been nursing him and mix every potion I could to keep him alive just to get him to the Vet.

I know I am across the other day like a raving lunatic and I have felt the tension on this site the whole time I have been posting. I know I came across the other day as a total evil, money-hunger witch. Money is one topic that most site owners don’t dare talk to their members about. I have talked to several other owners of sites that are like the WOTC and they all agree with me that it does talk money to operate these sites. Sometimes the members do not realize how much it actually costs and of course, they never mention that at all because they know they would get the same response I got here.

I do not like to lose my temper because I have a very bad temper. But that day I was worried about Kade and when I came on here, I saw three comments which just sent me through the roof. Now I want you to put yourself in my place, pretend the WOTC belongs to you, ok. Now you come on the site and you see three different individuals who make the comment, “how dare you come on this site” and the comments when on to get even nastier after that. How dare I come on to this site, really? These people must have been new or else they didn’t realize who they were making that comment too. It made me very angry and I can guarantee you, those words will haunt them the rest of their lives. That is what started it all and while I was at it, I just let it all pour out. Something I don’t like to do but…. I had a lot on my mind and I really didn’t need three smart-ass people telling me, “how dare I come on my own site.” Now if that wouldn’t upset you, then you aren’t human. It flew all over me and I lost my temper.

I hate I lost my temper because I don’t like to do so. I hurt people’s feelings that I do not mean to hurt. I know the words I said cannot be taken back. What has been said, has been said. I believe in the 10 years we have been on WordPress, I have blew my stack two other times. That is a darn good record for me. There has been times I have bit my tongue and let it slide but this comment,  I couldn’t let go. I did include some other words that I wish I could take back but like I said the words have been spoken and the damage is done.

I believe over the years, you that have been with us for a while, know me. You know what kind of person I really am. I am not one that usually flies off the handle at the drop of a hat. I have learned to control my temper fairly well I think. Maybe I got the wrong impression for these individuals, I don’t know I am still trying figure that one out. I have had numerous people from our past show up here and most of them have been trouble makers from our past. Maybe I had a flash back to those days. Back then it seemed that everyone and their brother wanted to take over the WOTC. Hell, I had one assistant who gave one of those people the password to the Dark Arts Library we had. Seriously, the man knew what kind of trouble this person had caused us and gave him the damn password. Can you imagine that? I couldn’t and I lived through it.

I know some of my actions are due to the past events that have happened to me and the WOTC. I shouldn’t let them reflect now on my actions that I take. But I am worse than an elephant, I never forget and unfortunately I hold grudges. It seems for the first few years, everyone tried to tear us down, It was non-stop, people who you thought were your friends had a knife stuck in your back before you knew what happened. So I guess I am a product of that environment. I always try to keep my guard up to protect the WOTC and myself. I try to keep it up to protect you and provide you with a safe place to come and feel free from the outside world. No pickering, fighting or arguments, boy did I blow that one out of the water. I will be the first to admit it, when I get on a roll I don’t have sense enough to shut-up even though I should.

I hate I said what I said but I can’t take it back. What is done, is done. I know you have hard feelings toward me and all I can ask is that you try to over look my human faults. We all have them, some of us more than others. But while you are thinking it over, I want you to think about one thing. Would you rather be in a group that the owner is ready to fight & protect the site, your beliefs and our ways or would you rather be in one that the owner rolls overs and lets everything slide? I know I said some hurtful words, I can’t ask for your forgiveness because those words are engraved in your heart. But now that you know what set me off, I would ask that you try to over look my faults. There is nothing in this world I would not do for any of you. You have been wonderful to me and the WOTC and I had no right going off like I did.

I know the last time I went off and found myself in this situation, I said the next time I would call those people out by name. I screwed up, I didn’t do that. Next time I will. Yeah right, like I will remember that. But in all seriousness I won’t you to know what set me off and I believe if you were in my shoes, it would have you too.

Those people are gone and I can guarantee you they are paying for what all they had to say. I am an easy going witch till I get crossed and then all heck breaks loose. I had a lot on my plate and those comments and those people did not help the situation at all and I lost my temper. Unfortunately, all of you had to listen to it and your feelings got hurt. I know that because like I said I can feel the tension. I don’t want that feeling here. That is not what the WOTC is about. I know I mentioned leaving the WOTC, like a fool, I played right into those people’s hand. There has been people over the years who have done everything in the book to try to get me to leave the WOTC. I hate to tell them, that will never happen. It was stupid on my part to even say it, I realize that now. I would never ever leave this site. It is my baby. We have survived a lot over the years and I am sure there will be more trials and tribulations to come. I don’t know it seems people do everything they can to destroy something successful. Why? They can stand to see other people succeed at something. Are they jealous? I have never been jealous of anyone. I have always been proud of other’s accomplishments. If people could only be proud of ours, then again that would be a miracle.

Well if I don’t hush and get off of here, I am going to miss our vet’s appointment. I can’t ask for your forgiveness because the words have already done their damage. I can only ask that you over look my faults and remember I am human just like everyone else.

Till tomorrow,

Have a very blessed & magickal Beltane Eve,

Lady of the Abyss

11 thoughts on “Before We Celebrate Beltane Tomorrow Or Tonight, Let’s Clear The Air…..

  1. Good morning Lady A, firstly how was your visit to the vets hoping everything went OK, and it was good news only. After reading your posts and the one written by your staff, you are passionate about what you believe in and that’s good because people who believe do get knocked down, but boy o boy they come back fighting hard. And that’s you and we need passionate believers in this world. This is only a thought, maybe it’s time to introduce a curtesy policy, that if anyone wants to leave a hurtful / hateful comments they should be blocked. As l said just a thought, but it might open up ways that you and your staff can stop this happening again. Take care, Peta.🙋‍♀️

    On Wed, 1 May 2019 at 3:48 am, Witches Of The Craft® wrote:

    > ladyoftheabyss posted: ” I am getting ready to take Kade to the Vet. Yes, > he is still alive. I called and called to see if I could get him into a Vet > earlier but they had no appointments till today. So I have been nursing him > and mix every potion I could to keep him alive jus” >


    1. Good Morning & Happy Beltane Peta! I hope you are having a very beautiful Beltane Morn’. It is pouring down rain here and not a very beautiful morning, which I was so hoping it would be. Thank you for your concern for Kade. I took him to the vet and he has an infection in his trachea and also a severe sinus infection. The doctor put him on antibiotics and told me if he wasn’t better in 3 days to bring him back. Keep your fingers crossed that he is better in three days. As far as the hateful comments go, they never made it to the main board. The ladies did save them for me to read. I have always told them to save all hateful and malicious comments directed at me or the WOTC. I have several of them that have been with us from the start and they know our rocky beginning. I tell you it was one thing right after another. I guess the others considered me a threat. I was open about witchcraft, which they didn’t like and I was also very passionate about making the WOTC the number one site on MSN at the time. I had people come out of the woodwork, it was unreal. I was new and I had never seen anything like it. After a while I got fed up and decided if we were going to survive, we had to fight fire with fire. The others finally got the message and left us alone. But even after all these years, some of those people try and destroy us. They desperately want me to give up the WOTC and leave. That is something I will never do. We have come to far for that to happen. I know we still have a long way to go but I will be there as well. I just don’t understand it, why can’t they just go away and stay away? It makes no sense to me. But it never fails, when everything is going peaceful and nice, one of them always pop up. I know I should never have blown my stack the way I did but the very idea of someone telling me, “how dare you come on this site,” made my blood boil. I know why I put the post out I did, it was to deter any others that might be here to think twice about trying to do anything to harm the WOTC and its members. Some of the witches I have met over the years, you wouldn’t believe. These witches are mean, nasty and down right evil. One of the reason I learned the Dark Arts was to defend against them. If they thought for a moment that I was vulnerable or the WOTC was, they would attack in a heart beat. I know the comment I made, I should have addressed it directly to those individuals, but….I was not thinking with a clear mind. Instead, I was thinking with a very angry and defensive heart. It makes me angry when I stop to think someone would try to destroy the WOTC and its membership. It also don’t make me very happy when they attack me either. It would seems by now, they have got as good as they gave, if not better, they would just go away and leave us alone but I know that will never happen. I sincerely think they see me on the site as easy going and laid back, they think I have lost my edge. That is the furthest from the truth. I still have my edge and in fact, I have picked up a few new tricks over the years that they are founding out about.

      The staff did save those comments because I always told them too. Any comments like those that we received, I consider a personal attack on the WOTC and myself. I want to know about them so I can take appropriate action in such matters. It is my job to make sure the site is safe for all its members. I should add WordPress does capture some of those posts and I Never see them. So I don’t know which is wiser to see them or not to see them. I believe if I don’t see them then I don’t know what is coming and I am unprepared. If I am unprepared, then that puts all in danger. I would absolutely die if anything happened to our members or the site. The WOTC is home to many people and they deserve a peaceful, friendly environment to enjoy. Like I said, I should never had exploded but that comment got under my skin very bad and also threw me back to the “good old days,” ha, that’s a laugh!

      Thank you for your comment, also thank you for your concern for Kade. Just keep him in your thoughts and prayers, I love the little devil to pieces. Have a very blessed & beautiful Beltane,
      Lady A


  2. (((hugs))) oh honey I don’t know about anyone else, but when I read your.. um.. blowup.. I just hurt all over for you.. I know how frightening it is to see our babies hurting, sick, in pain, ill, sweet stars save us but having to help them pass over as well.. I know that pain.. and I know you’re worried for Kade.. I am to.. I feel so sick that I’m not able to help the 2 of you.. my heart weeps for your sweet familiar and you.. I’m holding you both close and have a candle lit for you and for WOTC.. I love you dearly (((hugs)))


    1. Long time no see, Celtie. So what, do I have to blow up for you to show up(ha, made a funny). I took him to the vet and he is going to make it, thank the Goddess. He woke up yesterday morning and scared me to death. He had blood coming from his nose. After I cleaned him up, the blood wasn’t coming from his nose but from a scratch beside his nose. He has been wiping at his nose with his paws and a claw must have done it. It was a huge relief because I was almost in panic mode over that. I have to admit the last few days have been hell(and that’s an understatement). Just keep your thoughts and prayers coming for him and I believe he will make it now. The vet said he had a very bad infection on his trachea and also a severe sinus infection. I take the little poot outside for one day and it almost kills him, I have never seen anything like it. I was cutting down weeds and he was under our favorite tree. The next thing I knew he was gagging and throwing up. I ran to see what was wrong with him. He has just thrown up some white foam looking stuff, nothing in it. The next day, you would have thought he was going to die. He was sick. He didn’t eat or anything. I had to take an eye dropper and give him water and feed him by hand. I thought I was going to lose him. I finally mixed up a batch of peanut butter and honey and that seemed to give him some strength. But for a minute it was touch and go. There is a person out here going around throwing food in people’s yards for the dogs and the food is laced with poison. That is the first thing that hit my mind. He had gotten a hold of some of that food and was going to die.

      I made my blow up post because some of our dear old friends decided to make their presence known on the site. The ladies saved the posts for me to read and when I read them, I lost it. I thought back to all the old times on MSN and all the problems we had back then and I just basically lost it. I know the comment, “how dare you come on this site,” sent me over the edge. I guess I should have named names in that post so as not to offend the general membership here but I didn’t. I was fighting mad and that was horrible because I have been doing so good controlling my temper. But I can’t figure it, why in the hell don’t they just go away and leave me alone. I have left them and have never bothered any of them but yet they persist. I don’t understand them, don’t they have anything better to do? I believe I could find better ways of spending my time. I know one thing, after the message I sent them in return, I don’t believe they will be back(if they have any sense but they don’t). It seems I have forgotten all about them and set my sights on other things but yet they haven’t. They still live in the past. I pity them but I am not going to let them destroy me or this site. You know better than anyone what hell they put me through. I figure after all these years, whatever they get they deserve. I would have figured by now, they would have learned not to piss me off but…..some people never learn.

      Anyway, where have you been? I haven’t seen you in forever. How is the home front doing? Still doing the telephone calls? You know you could occasionally make a call to the states. I enjoyed our last conversation. We talked for hours and I enjoyed every minute of it. I love you as a sister and you are the only good thing I can remember from my past. I guess my past wasn’t that bad after all, I found a wonderful friend and sister in you. Hell, they even tried to tear us apart. Thank the Goddess, they didn’t succeed. I have got to run for now. Just keep Kade in your prayers, that is all I ask. You get a minute give me call, I would love to hear from you again. Till then…
      Love ya,
      Lady A
      Oh and by the way, Happy Beltane, sis!


      1. Heya (((hugs))) while reading your message here I wondered if maybe sweet Kade had maybe eaten some bad plant life.. or bad food.. I can’t imagine anyone deliberately poisoning an animal.. that’s just horrible.. but it’s such a relief that Kade is doing better now.. and yes.. I continue to send healing and comfort to you both.. it’s such a scare when our babies get sick.. I’ve never gotten over Fiona getting sick.. she had diabetes.. and I gave her her needles faithfully.. my heart still and always will mourn for her.. I miss her so much. The 2 kitties that I have now are nothing like fiona.. they aren’t my familiars.. Kolleen adores my husband.. Penelope is just greatful to not have to live outside anymore.. she’s a loner.. she’ll come over for pettings but she isn’t close to either of us… her other name is snotbox. Kolleen is very aloof.. she keeps her distance .. will stand just barely close enough for you to pet her.. but you still have to reach a bit. I love them both, but I really miss Fiona.. having a baby that I connect with.. I’ve thought of looking about for another.. but 3 cats might be too much to handle right now. Where have I been? I pop in here from time to time.. I’m dialing again.. the last 4 weeks my husband had been pretty sick and I was taking care of him.. then 2 weeks ago he shared it with me.. so I was taking care of us both.. I’m still trying to get over it and also dial.. which has been really hard. But I try to pop in here and see what you’re up to.. I loved talking with you to .. I can’t believe we chattered on for as long as we did.. I still don’t see my daughter or grandkids.. my grandson’s birthday was the beginning of April and my daughter still hasn’t brought the kids over to pick up his gifts.. my grand daughter’s birthday is May 19th so maybe by June the both of them will get their things.. who knows.. my daughter has pretty much cut me right out of their lives. The only time she’ll talk to me is if I text her.. she never texts me on her own. And I’ve been trying to take care of my mum.. she’ll be 87 this September. She still lives in her own house but she doesn’t drive anymore. So I have to take her out a few times a week for different things. Kit I don’t know who was causing you trouble.. sounds like maybe someone from the old MSN group? I didn’t see any postings here from them but if they’re causing you trouble then they deserve whatever you dish out.. we all have a breaking point. I’m glad you didn’t let them waltz all over you.. so you flipped out.. big deal.. those here who know you, KNOW that you don’t mean any insult to them.. so many here love and adore you.. everything will work out just fine. I was trying to remember what year it was that we met.. I’m thinking maybe 2002? Geeeez.. nearly 20 years.. you’re stuck with me.. 🙂 we’ve seen each other through so many things.. what happened on MSN broke my heart.. omg I cried.. so much.. for so long.. the loss that I felt.. I truly thought I’d lost my sister.. honey I don’t really disappear.. I go quiet.. ever since this thing with my daughter and grandkids.. I find myself sort of.. I dunno.. I’m very sad.. and I go quiet.. retreat.. cocoon.. but I do pop in.. I love you honey (((Hugs))) and I’m really glad Kade is going to be ok..

        Happy Beltane sis (((Hugs)))


      2. *Warning* Did not proof read so read if you dare, lol!
        Hey sweet sis, I apologize for taking so long to reply. I had to go to the doctor yesterday for a treatment on my hip. It wipes me out for a bit but I guess in the long run if they can shrink the tumor it will be worth it. The first thing I thought about when Kade got sick was that we had been poisoned. We were out back and I was going around the cabin pulling weeds and he was under our tree. Hell, I didn’t think anything could happen there but it did. The next thing I knew he was gagging and acting like he had something stuck in his throat. I went flying to him. By the time I had gotten there, he has vomitted and seemed to be alright. That night was a different story, he became sick, sick. I did everything in the world I could think of to try to make him come out of it and nothng worked. It was a fight to even get the medicine down him. To be so darn little, he is bull-headed out of this world. Then try to get a hold of a vet, HA! My regular vet has disappeared so the other one I use was out of town till Tuesday of this week. I called and called all over the place looking for another one. They all said the same thing, “we can see you Tuesday.” Damn I would hate to think something was dying around here. The funny thing about it, when Kathy brought him out here to me, I wasn’t ready for another animal in my life. I was still mourning Kiki. I still do. She was my blood familiar and we had an unbreakable bond. When she died in my arms, a piece of me when with her. I should have none never to take one as a blood familiar but that is the ways of the mountains. If they ain’t blood familiars, they ain’t worth having or at least that is the way the people up there feel about it. She was special and I loved her beyond words. So when Kade showed up, I knew I wasn’t ready for another animal. I never even thought about taking Kade as a blood familiar but he had other plans. He took me as his witch one night. I thought, you little shit. So after he did that, I went ahead and did the ritual and made him my blood familiar. Hell, I don’t know how much more of me I can lose if anything happens to him. I am just thankful I got him to the vet and he is going to be ok. Please keep him in his prayers. I think the prayers go further than medicine sometimes. I remember when you lost Fiona. I also remember how heartbroken you were over her passing. I felt so bad and hurt for you, Celtie. I know what losing a dear familiar feels like I had lost two so far and it is awful. I don’t believe the pain ever goes away or lessens. There is always that hole in our heart that it seems nothing can feel. We might get another animal but they never take the place of our beloved ones. Kade is cute and adorable and I love him to pieces but he hasn’t took that spot Kiki held in my heart. I remember feeling guilty when I got him. I think I spent half a morning sitting beside Kiki’s grave telling her about him. I also remember telling her to never think he would replace her because nothing could. I would love him and take care of him but he will never take her place. I guess if anything happens to him, I will have the other part of my heart ripped out of me. It is strange what a connection we can make with them. I believe Kade knows what I am getting ready to think before I ever think it. I thought you said Fiona came to visit you ever now and again. Does she still? I know Stinker comes and visits. Mocha still occasionally visits. She stays under the bed in her favorite spot under there. She is just now letting Kade coming up there and lay down with her.

        I am sorry you and your hubby have been sick. There is an awful bug going around down here again. It is a stomach flu. I have had it twice and I even had to close the office for about a week because we all had it at the same time. I know it is rough. Have you been to the doctor? I went to the doctor for something, nothing to do with the flu, and the doctor was bitching because there were so many people in the office with the flu. She said that if you didn’t treat it right at the beginning then you might as well forget going to see a doctor. I can’t remember how many hours she said but after that, there was no treating it, it just had to run its course. I hope you and your husband getting to feeling better. Open up the windows and get some fresh air in and maybe that will drive that nasty bug out of the house. It hasn’t been cold enough here this year to kill out all the flu bugs and the real bugs. Hell, I found a huge recluse spider in the sink the other morning, I liked to have shit. I ended up chasing him around the sink with a fork trying to kill him. Finally did, flush him down the sink and then put the drain stopper on the sink. Now I am leery of the sink, good grief, I am a nut case.

        Yeah, them good old MSN days, lol! I can’t remember how many years we have known each other. What a couple of centuries, lol! I remember all to well what you are talking about. I was a dumb stupid ass that had someone whispering in my ear continuously about you. I know if later cameI out that she was in love with me and I broke that friendship off(and her saying she had become a Psychic Vampire didn’t help either). I realize then she had been filling my head with a bunch of shit because she was jealous of our relationship. She came out and told me, she didn’t want anyone else to have anything to do with me. She wanted me all to herself. I am sorry this old gal don’t swing that way. I was stupid. Hell, it seemed like after the WOTC was formed and Gypsy disowned me, all hell broke loose. It was something non-stop. I never could figure it out, still can’t to this day. I don’t know why after all this time they still poke their ugly heads up. But it never fails, one or two of them always do. I would think by now, they know me all to well. Unfortunately, I am not that nice, sweet witch I use to be. I guess unfortunately for them, not for me. This last time they gave me the impression they thought they were going to just waltz in here and take over the site. I don’t see that happening not over my dead body. It just flew all over me, “how dare you come on this site.” Really! I know I shouldn’t have blown my stack but hell you can’t let people walk all over you. You know me better than anyone, I am very easy going and laid back until I get provoked. Those few words did the trick. I wanted to crawl through the computer screen after them. Of course, I realized I couldn’t and did a little worse than that to them. I just want to be left alone. I give those people little thought and have never bothered them. I almost forget them at times and when I do, that is when they show up, never fails. I know I hurt a few people’s feelings here and I am sorry for that. I know they love me and I love them. I hope they can understand I was only defending myself and more importantly the site. I guess next time, I will just call those people out by name and get it over with.

        I did enjoy our phone conversation. You know when you are dialing you could accidently dial my number occasionally. But we tend to talk for hours and hours, so you might not get any work done for the day. I had your number somewhere but most of the papers and notepads I had got burned up in the fire. I am having to start a new collection of numbers now. I meant to grab your number off the caller ID when you called and some idiot around here erased the caller ID before I could get to it. Love having teenagers around again. I shouldn’t complain they are good boys. I have only one of them at home now. The other one moved out with his pregnant girlfriend. I am going to be a grandmother again, can you believe it? I believe she is either due in August or September. Damn I believe I am getting old? Scary, lol!

        Well, dear sister, I guess I better run for now and get some work done. You know instead of secretly popping in, you could say hi on occasion. Are you on Facebook anymore? I looked for you the other day and couldn’t find you. I don’t know if I was looking for the right name or not but anyway, I could find you. I know you use to be in one of those sites over there but I think she has closed it now and I can’t get in it. She probably wouldn’t want me in it anyway. I know they want active members on those sites and I am not a fan of FB. I have had too many runs in with them to be a fan of theirs. Anyway, I am going to shut up for now. I have already wrote you a book. It is great to see you and hear from you. You know I would love to hear from you more. Get a minute, drop me a line or give me a call. Till then…
        A Very Happy & Belated Beltane to you as well,
        Love ya,

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      3. Heya Sweet Sister.. this will be a quickee.. hubby is home and he has a tendency to get all chatty when he hears me typing.. plus our weather has been bad and I’ve got a rotten headache.. but I wanted to at least reply even if it’s a short one.. for now.. I’ve been working this morning.. doing my dialing.. which with a headache has been challenging. The last few weeks our weather has been so flip floppy.. but one thing remains constant.. the stupid barometer has been constantly fluctuating and that causes a lot of hurts. Enough about me.. so is Kade ok? I can’t remember if you said you actually got him to a vet or not.. you know I have him on my list and sending healing and comfort to you both. You’re right about not getting over Kiki or Fiona.. the hurt doesn’t go away.. it doesn’t get any better.. it doesn’t lessen.. it stays.. and I know I’ll never stop missing her. Like your Kiki.. Fiona and I had a relationship like nothing I’ve ever had before.. she’s part of me.. she knew she was going to pass.. she came and sat up on my lap, ( I had to lift her up) and she sat so stoicly, and I hugged her and cried.. and begged her to get better.. I cried out to the Universe and begged to let her live.. the medicine just didn’t work.. I was with her until the end.. and then I bet everyone living nearby heard me.. my heart shattered and I felt myself being ripped and shredded.. and I still cry for her.. when she passed away it wasn’t me who wanted to get another animal.. it was my husband.. I didn’t want to.. I wasn’t ready.. but he missed not having a cat.. I love my girls.. but it’s in no way the same relationship.. and you’re right.. there is no other that can ever compare or take the place of Kiki or Fiona.. but I still have love in my heart for the girls.. they’re good company.

        As for MSN.. I think I got on there around 2001 or 2002.. Gypsy’s was the first one that I found.. I’ve never had contact with her after I left her group… and after what happened on WOTC I really didn’t want to get involved with any other groups. I can tell you I was danged leery. I had no idea that that person was bad mouthing me to you.. all I know is that I left that posting for you to explain my not being able to phone that night and all hell broke lose.. as far as I’m concerned all those members that read your message had no business reading it in the first place.. it was posted to you.. not the group.. I’m not a vindictive person… but I can tell you that I don’t take kindly to being attacked.. if I upset someone.. it’s totally unintentional.. and I’d be the first to apologize.. but to outright attack me.. I don’t anger easily, but I sure don’t lay down and play dead either.. and why should we? Whoever it is that pissed you off.. I don’t feel badly that you went after them.. why should I.. they had it coming.. they have no business telling YOU what to do on YOUR group.. you make the rules here.. being a member here is a priviledge.. they have no rites except to be treated with dignity and respect.. but if they don’t have dignity and respect for even the owner of this group (You) then pffft.. bub bye..

        Yes I’m still on facebook.. but since I’m back to working I don’t spend much time on there.. I pop in and out.. and since I’ve been feeling so crappy (bronchitis) for the last 3 weeks.. my time on has been limited.. I thought you had a LOT of msn followers.. I’m surprised they aren’t all on here.. and do you remember when you asked me that if I ever ran into I think it was Hawk, that you didn’t want me to tell them about your group here?? Well, I haven’t said anything to anyone, but it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to find you.. if you do a search for anything witchie on google or any search engine, WOTC pops up.. or on pinterest.. I was going to make this short.. hahahahahahah.. oh.. and on nice days I’ve had the windows opened to let in new air.. I’ll give you a phone call maybe over the weekend (if hubby’s working).. HAPPY BELATED BELTANE .. Loveyabunches (((hugs)))


      4. Short, huh? I wanted to let you know I got your comment. I will answer it when I get through with the dailys, hell I am running late as usual and the internet ain’t helping any. Talk to you in a bit.
        Love ya,

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  3. I understand entirely frustrations of finances, like I said, I’m living on my mom’s living room floor because I can’t afford the rents. Though I can’t donate or buy from the store right now, I will be doing so in the next month or so. Yeah, I’ll still be in mom’s living room but I’ll have my wonderful witchy things from your site. Blessed Be sister. )0(


    1. You don’t know how much I appreciate you understanding, Janet. I understand your situation completely and please don’t feel like you have to make any purchases or anything. I don’t want you to use your money on us when you need it more. But if you want to make a purchase, feel free, we would appreciate it. I know times are hard all over. They keep saying that the economy is great, I want to know where. It sure ain’t great here and to the majority of people I talk to, it isn’t great for them either.

      That blow up I had was not to the membership here. We just had some very nasty and rude comments come through the back. The staff saved them for me to read. When I read them I lost my temper. That is one thing I hate to do because I know I have a very nasty temper. I know the last blow up I had, we had the same problem, everyone thought I was talking to them. I swore up and down, if I blew up again, I would put the names of the people it was addressed too but I didn’t. I wasn’t thinking straight, I was thinking with a very angry heart. Sometimes that gets me into very hot water. Next time(hopefully there won’t be a next time but…), I will stop take a breath and put the names of the people the comment is for. I had no intentions of hurting anyone here or their feelings. I know I did and I am sincerely sorry for that. We just had a very rocky start. The more we succeeded, the people came out of the woodwork just to try and tear us down. Even after all these years, they still occasionally show up and that is what happened. Three of them showed up and made some very nasty and rude comments. It was a personal attack on myself and the site. I have left them in the past and have forgotten about them for the most part, I don’t know why they can’t do the same when it come to me. It seems some people can’t stand to see others happy. I am sure that is not the last attack even though I wish it was. But I am sincerely sorry if I hurt your feelings in anyway. It was never my intentions and it was not addressed to you or any of the other members here. I am sure those who the comment was addressed to, got the message loud and clear. They also got an unexpected surprise from me as well. I figure they got exactly what they deserved, probably deserved a little more but….save that for next time, lol!

      It is good to hear from you. I would hate to think I ever did anything to lose you. I look for your comments each day and if I don’t see them, I wonder what is wrong. Thank you for understanding. Your friendship and just being here means a lot to me.
      Have a very blessed Beltane,
      Lady A


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