What Can You Do for Earth Day?

What Can You Do for Earth Day?

What Can You Do for Earth Day?

Earth Day is a day for action; a chance to show how important the environment is to you. Whether you organize an event in your community or teach a peer about environmental issues, Earth Day is about uniting voices around the globe in support of a healthy planet. This year for Earth Day 2012, we will Mobilize the Earth™ and demand a sustainable future. See below for ideas on how you can get involved:


Attend an Earth Day event

Organize an Earth Day event

Organize a Day of Service

  • Set up a volunteer event in your community to clean up the environment or help improve it
  • Don’t forget to register your event on our events toolbar!

Pledge an Act of Green

Sign our Petition

  • Help us achieve Renewable Energy for All, ask your government to end fossil fuel subsidies, invest in renewable energy technology, improve energy efficiency, and make energy universally accessible

Join an Earth Day campaign


Earth Day Network