Today We Will Be Celebrating Earth Day, I know, I haven’t totally lost my mind yet (well….)

The reason we are celebrating Earth Day today is because tomorrow I have a lovely doctor’s appointment. I get to find out what method of treatment he has in mind for my hip and what days those treatments will take place and how many I will need(I know a run on sentence, can’t hush even when writing, lol!).That means we won’t be on the internet tomorrow, so why not celebrate our Mother Earth a day early. Really, we ought to celebrate Her more than just one day a year. Instead of one day a year, every day ought to be Earth Day. We ought to remember She is not only our Mother but it our job and responsibility to take care of Her every day. She gives us something special, life. Without Her, we couldn’t survive or exist on this planet. So one day a year, we show our dear Mother some love, I think it ought to be every day of the year but what do I know, I have already hung myself out on a limb this morning, lol!

Anyway, Happy Earth Day a day early!

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