The Wicca Book of Days for April 20th: Gore-loving Goddess


April 20th

Gore-loving Goddess

Mars is about to cede its position as predominant planet to Venus, which means that the astrological flavor of days on Earth is on the verge of switching from masculine to feminine, an from martial to pacific. This is not to say that all goddesses are gentle and peace-loving, however. Far from it for many female deities are more akin to Mars than to Venus in their relish of battle and bloodshed, such as the Norse Valkyries and the trio of Celtic sister goddesses, Nemain(Frenzy), Babd(Fury) and Morrigan(Specter), who were said to stalk around battlegrounds in the form of crows.

Day of Judgment

Take the time to study the major-arcana Tarot card of Judgment (or the Day of Judgment, XX). This card’s imagery is similar to that associated with the Christian day of reckoning, suggesting that a symbolic rebirth (and, perhaps, reward or punishment) may be looming.


The Wicca Book of Days
Selena Eilidh Ash