Spirit Message of the Day for April 20 – You are Limitless

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Spirit Message of the Day for April 20 – You are Limitless


“In this greatest of all adventures, you cannot ever be less than you really are: limitless, forever, and totally awesome. But you can think that you are less than you really are. Don’t!”

“There are very, very, very few don’ts in this kingdom of thoughts. But seeing yourself as less than you really are should be one of those don’ts. Actually there are just a few should bes in this kingdom, too. Let’s keep it that way!”

“What if you were born a healthy, wealthy, and wise as you now dream of becoming? Or, what if you didn’t have any of the challenges you now face? If this were the case, you wouldn’t be a fraction of the person that you already are today. There’s a reason to the madness, a reason you sometimes feel trapped, stuck, fallen, and bruised. And it has everything to do with the enlightenment you sought and the triumphs that are only now possible. You wanted more –more than having everything handed to you on a silver platter — and you got it. And this makes all the difference. Angels sing your name.”


Today’s special message is from Mike Dooley’s book entitled Choose Them Wisely, Thoughts Become Things!
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