Question of the Day for April 20

This question of the day is totally, way out in left field and has nothing to do with Witchcraft. I have been wanting to ask it for sometime but……anyway, we have all read and heard about what I am getting ready to ask you in the News & newspapers. I know it might strike controversy but hey, I am always open for a good discussion. I know get on with the question, so here it is……

We have all read and heard about the statues in various part of the country being pulled down. Most of these statues involved Confederate soldiers, generals or someone who was associated with slavery at one time or another. My question to you, how does this make you feel? These people did play a part in forming our country. Is it right for these statues to be pulled down? Are they trying to re-write our history, as they have tried to do in our very own religion? Personally, I don’t see any harm in letting this statues remain. They are a part of our history, a dark part but yet our history. To destroy all the statues and erase all the memories of the by-gone era, are we doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past? I know we would never allow slavery to become legal in our country by no means. But there is something very important in that era that we need to remember. It is a time when we all recognized each other as equal, no matter the color of our skin. It was a time when we gained a new respect for all life, again no matter the skin color. Perhaps the Civil War era and all that it is suppose to resent is not really that bad after all. We did learn a valuable lesson. To respect all human beings and live and peace and harmony together. Now should we just forgot that era, pull down the statues and pretend that it never even happened?

I am interested in hearing your comments. Want me to get down on my hands and knees and beg, lol!

Lady A