Your Love Horoscopes for the Week of April 15

Your Love Horoscopes for the Week of April 15

Sarah Bartlett, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room

Waxing moons are when the lunar energy is right for starting new projects, being pro-active or simply indulging in a new romance. As we reach the culmination of the full moon this week, it will pay to have begun to create the kind of love style that suits you best.

With Mercury moving into fiery Aries, this could be one of those weeks when all it takes is a few impulsive, and seemingly risqué words to bring you the kind of joy your are seeking.



With the full moon in your opposite sign, you may feel a little emotional, sad or nostalgic this week, but yet also more laid-back as the energy passes and you see yourself with a more objective outlook again. By the end of this week, you’re ready to relax and enjoy some light-hearted banter with new romantic interests. In fact, suddenly it seems you’re in demand again. Funny, isn’t it, how, as soon as you stop trying too hard, you end up being desired?



It’s getting to a point where there’s not so much a lack of love, but a feeling you’re missing out on something romantic and unforgettable. In fact, you are beginning to wonder if all that stuff about couples and longterm commitment is all it’s cracked up to be. Isn’t there more? Luckily, there is.



This week, you really do want to have your say and get it out of your system. But take a long hard look at what you are getting miffed about. Is it simply that the truth often does hurt, and you need to defend yourself? Be kindly to your lover or admirer, and they will be gentle with you too.



This week, you’ll be bumping into fascinating new characters if single, and if attached, you begin to let your partner know that you may be unpredictable, but you are also full of depth, desire and love. It’s time to unleash all those feelings, and let someone know that you’re a human being too.



You’re now on the road to a more true and joyous kind of loving without giving up on your independence. You are generous, loving and loyal, but don’t rob your partner their right to be individual either. Trust works both ways, so trust in that, and then you won’t feel you need to own someone, just love them.



Although a loved one seems to be more interested in themselves than in your plans, don’t take it personally. If you’re getting out and about, and they’re working like demons, then you’re right to do your own thing. In a few weeks time they will see that your laid back attitude may appear to be merely a philosophical way to look at love and life, but it works.




With the full moon in your sign, you may be filled with mixed feelings about various love regrets. ‘Moving on’ has become in vogue. We are expected to get on with our lives, and live for the future. But think carefully right now in the present about what are your true desires and dreams? After all, the past will never catch up with who you will be tomorrow, will it?



Sometimes life feels empty or filled with psychological foes. Your fears and longings seem to take up your waking moments, the negative thoughts impossible to escape, the positive ones, well, seemingly impossible – yet they are not. This week, it’s time to fill your life with love for yourself and the universe, then the beneficial changes will begin.



OK, Jupiter is still plaguing you with reflective thoughts, but it’s time to put an end to stupid over-thinking in the love department. However, the only thing which may hinder you is your imagination. Luckily, Mercury’s move into fire sign Aries, will bring you a breath of fresh air, and you realise that things are about to change for the better.



This week, be honest about what you want. It’s often what we don’t say that gets taken the wrong way. If you really believe that your love life needs a little tender loving care, then there’s no time like the present to do so. This week, you really have no excuse but to say to someone what you really want, and romance will truly blossom.



Pretending you don’t care isn’t the answer. In fact, you need to make it clear to your partner or someone new if single, that your independence is sacred, but you do have feelings. It’s also timely to ask yourself a question: do you love your life enough to change it? If the answer is yes, then the planets are giving you carte blanche to do so.



You know what you must give up in order to be who you truly are and want to be. If you understand this part of yourself and see how you can climb the ladder to relationship happiness, then another part of you will have to be relinquished. Whether that’s a lifestyle, habit, people or attitude, you are about to go through a massively important but positive transformation.



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