Good Monday Morn’ To All Our Dear Brothers & Sisters of The Craft! May The Goddess Bless You & Yours Today & Always!

celtic blessings
Well, good morning, my little sunshines! How are you doing today? I see no one answered the question of the day for yesterday. I figured out why, you were too busy getting ready to watch the show, right? Probably not but anyway, Lady Beltane called an left a message last night to remind me that Game of Thrones was coming on. I thought that was sweet of her. Then again I thought, she never visits this site or else she would have seen the question. Watch today I talk about her, she will show up, lol! She know I love her. She is a wonderful, caring person and a true friend. But I didn’t want to talk to you about Lady Beltane and my friendship,, I wanted to ask you a favor……

Wednesday, we won’t be on the internet because I have several tests I have to have done at the hospital. I know most of you remember when I was attacked at my first and last day at work. The bruises and the ribs have healed but I had been having tremendous hip pain. I don’t know if I was knocked into the desk or the counter and injured my hips or what but something happened. Anyway, the pain has gotten so bad that I don’t sleep at all at night anymore. I called my doctor and went into see him. He is concerned that one of my nuts or bolts might have been damaged or the tumor they removed from that side has come back. He didn’t want to come right out and say it because he didn’t want to worry me needlessly. But it has been in the back of my mind and it will always be there. What I am asking for you is your prayers and your blessings for me on Wednesday. I know you might think it is silly just going in for test, sure you will be fine. I am not so sure about that. I have been seeing strange signs and those signs have stopped and made me think. Remember I am from the hills and we take signs very seriously. But the signs I have been seeing aren’t good ones. Perhaps it is just my imagination feeding into to my pain and sleepless night but I don’t want to take any chances. I would sincerely ask that you say a prayer and light a candle for me Wednesday. I am sure everything will go fine but you never know. I just have a horror that I will never walk out of that hospital Wednesday. So I need your prayers desperately.

I am not wishing ill on anyone else but I am seriously hoping those signs I have been seeing do not pertain to me. But I am not going to take any chances. So please, take time Wednesday to say a prayer for me and keep me in your thoughts. You know I would really like to be back here Thursday. I think I might kind of miss you guys and gals, lol! But would you miss me, lol! Just kidding! Just remember Wednesday please, and now it is time to get to work.

Have a very beautiful and blessed Monday,

Love ya,

Lady A