Your Daring Dating Horoscopes Beginning April 12th

Your Daring Dating Horoscopes Beginning April 12th

David Wells, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room


Your cup runneth over. Does that mean you’ve got more offers than an offering place in offer land, or does it mean you’re at the end of it and you can’t contain that fact much longer? Either way Aries, it’s time to pick one, ditch one or give it up for Easter.

I had a very hot summer with a Taurus, my goodness it was the stuff of legend and I am sure you’re a legend in your own neck of the woods! This week it’s your reputation for slow and steady that’s caught someone’s attention, so give him or her what they want. Slow and steady.

It’s not easy with Mars in your sign, he’s over enthusiastic about a lot of things and when it comes to your love life, he could have you rushing in where you’d normally step back. Is that a bad thing? Not always, but with Mercury assisting a social surge you could end up making promises you can’t keep.

Surprising events may cause a re-think on a day-to-day level, things like house moves, job changes and the like. What does that have to do with dating? As you change where you live, where you work perhaps, you change the group of people you mix with and therefore new dating opportunities arrive. Perfect.

The best laid plans and all that! You could find yourself delayed for that first date, second dates to before you ask, so build in some extra time. If you miss out on date number three take a step back and ask if the universe is trying to tell you something? Three strikes.

A quick burst of dating site activity at the start of the week could lead you into a bit of a ‘what’s the point’ midweek ponder. Avoid it by making yourself the priority, by filling your week with stuff you like to do, like to go and see and get involved in. That, my dear Virgo, is the point.

As eloquent as you’d like to think you are, and you can be, sometimes you just have to tell it how it is in a voice loud enough to blow the beard off a hipster, if not his beard then maybe his beanie hat? Anyone else you’d like to put straight? Someone finds this week’s rant oddly attractive.

Finding the right person starts with finding a whole heap of wrong ones, we all know that and truthfully Scorps, there’s probably no other way. Bet that’s set you up for the day. A dose of honesty is being beamed in via Pluto, you’d prefer that to the illusions of Neptune surely? Kiss a few frogs.

Jupiter and Venus are having a fall out, an exchange of words that may result in some over the top behaviour and if you’re in the first flush of love’s young dream, it can be off-putting. The rules are really very simple; engage your brain before opening your mouth, engage your ears before half-baked replies.

At the top of this week you’re sure you’ve said something wrong, hit a bad start with someone perhaps? You really haven’t Capricorn, what you’ve actually done is send a truth-dragon their way. Let them face it, let them realise you saw something others haven’t seen. Patience.

If you’re looking for some interesting conversation, some sparkling personality and maybe a snog by dessert; you know where to go. Yes, you probably do Aquarius but is going back the best way forward? Clearly not or I wouldn’t have mentioned it. Heavenly dating advice is to stop, think again, go home.

Centering yourself is a good idea, just slowing down, taking stock of where you’re at and what you want next. Then you can proceed at your leisure Pisces but do proceed. Venus wants you to have romance in your life, Jupiter is trying to make it all seem so urgent. It really isn’t.