Question of the Day for April 12th

Question of the Day

Ok, this question is really a no brainier! Really it is an attempt to get everyone around here off my back. We are going to be off the internet tomorrow in order for me to file our taxes. To say the least, I am catching hell for waiting to the last minute to do everything. So my question of the day to you is…..

Do you do your taxes at the first of the year, some time between, or like me, wait to the last minute to do them?


(Need help here, or else they are going to be smacking me all day with their brooms!)


6 thoughts on “Question of the Day for April 12th

    1. Thank you for your reply, Daniel. It is nice to know that I am not the only one that waits to the last minute to do them. Hopefully this will help get them off my rump for a bit anyway. It is great to see you today. May I say, “Happy Tax Filing Days Ahead!” Hmm, I think we are starting to run out of days, lol! Thank you again for your comment.
      Have a great weekend,
      Lady A


  1. Hi A,
    LOL… I’m not going to be help to you since I file out taxes as soon as we have all the needed paperwork. So I usually do them by the 1st week in February.
    But I’m watching my youngest grandson today so my younger daughter can do their taxes. So she would empathize with you.
    It doesn’t matter when you do them as long as it is before they’re due. So tell them to go take a ride on those broom sticks instead of poking you with them 🙂
    Love ya,


    1. Why does it not surprise me that you would file them as soon as possible. You plan things weeks in advance and you amaze me. Hell if I plan something thirty minutes from now, something will come up. I swear I can’t plan anything or get anything done. Oh, I am sorry I forgot to call you last night. I finally got a new pain medicine and it took the pain out of my hip and I just died. It was such a relief finally. Now the problem is I have to go for an MRI Wednesday and you have to lay flat. There is no way in the world I can lay flat for that MRI. So the doctor is trying to figure out what to give me just to knock me out a bit and not overdose me. I swear if it ain’t one thing it is another. Definitely changing the subject, I have what you asked for. I had a hard time getting it. You know some people just don’t want to be photographed? I got it though and will email it just as soon as I upload the pic to the computer. It is great to see you, sis. I hope you enjoy your stress free weekend. Tell your daughter I can sympathize with her. I don’t know why I wait to the last minute to do things. This year the taxes just slipped my mind, can’t imagine why. Anyway, I got to run. I will give you a call tomorrow. I have an event scheduled this evening, my turn to speak at the convention center on the Occult, can’t wait. Don’t know what I am going to say, haven’t even wrote a speech yet. Anyway, I am off for now, as if you don’t already know that. Talk to you tomorrow.
      Love ya,

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      1. I have my mother to thank for being organized and I truly believe she helps me stay organized as one of my ancestor spirit guides. If it was left to me I put everything off to the last minute. For example my extra dining room table has been gathering stuff for 4 years and since I’ve retired from working a regular job and my knee has healed I keep saying I’ll do it tomorrow…guess what…tomorrow still hasn’t come. Plus raising 5 children as a single mom with my mom’s help made me be organized whether I wanted to be or not.
        I’m doing a crossing the veil ceremony tomorrow at 10 AM for a friend/neighbor that passed last Saturday. So in a way that I’m glad your not calling until tomorrow just make it after 11 AM and by 5 PM because CL has open chat from 6-8 PM.
        Love ya,


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