Well I have been waiting to see if anyone else would chime in on “Today’s Question of the Day”

Question of the Day

This has been a hot-button issue and a very sensitive topic in The Craft for centuries. What am I talking about? I will tell you, Christians becoming Witches. I want to know your opinion on Christians becoming Witches? Do you think it is possible? Do you think they should be allowed to? Do you believe in Christian Wicca?

I will give you my opinion on the matter at the end of today’s posts. But I want to hear from you first. Did I just open up a can of worms or what?

Well I guess I must have opened a can of worms then, perhaps I should take them and go fishing now, lol! I have had one person give us their opinion on this matter. I sincerely appreciate that person doing so. I wish more of you would open up. There is never a wrong answer to any questions, it is your opinion. I want to hear from you, start a discussion. I don’t bite or at least I don’t think I do.

Enough with that, I promised I would give my opinion on the matter later and now is later. First off, this has been a very highly debated subject in The Craft and Paganism for centuries. Let me clarify something real quick so you can understand where I am coming from. As most of you know and I know our new members don’t, I grew up in a half and half house. What do I mean by that? My mother was a witch and my father was a Baptist. We practiced witchcraft every day of the week except on Sundays and then we got up and went to church. I was very fortunate to have a head strong mother who made my father give me the opportunity to pick which Path or Religion, I wanted to follow. Of course, you know it was Witchcraft. Since being raised in a household like that, I have become interested in various other religions and have studied them. I am a very open minded witch and I proudly call myself a witch. Now that you understand my background, let’s proceed with the questions….

First question I asked: I want to know your opinion on Christians becoming Witches? This is a sensitive subject especially with this group. We have Priests, Preachers, Baptists, Christians, Catholics and every other Religion you can imagine with us. They all wrote me and asked if it would be alright for them to join our site. My answer was an immediate, “yes!” They wanted to learn about us and I was delighted they wanted to do so. So what I am getting ready to say, I don’t want to offend anyone at all, please understand that. As far as Christians becoming Witches, I do think it is possible. I can see several comparisons that can be made between Christianity and Paganism/Witchcraft. Christians have the three head God forms and so do we. The only difference is our is female dominated. whereas the Christians is male dominated. I know the Catholic religion has so many rituals and similarities to Paganism/Witchcraft it is unbelievable. But then you have to think back to the 1600’s when the Catholic church and Pope condemned Paganism and stole everything they could from us. But all in all, I can see a Christian becoming a witch. I can speak from experience, I use to mentor new comers to the Craft and most of them were Christians. I told them about the similarities between the two religions and they saw them also. Then we got to the part about Hell. I know when I would go to church on Sundays, the preacher preached none stop, hell-fire and brimstone. When it came to these students concern on Hell, I told them it had been beat into their heads and it had been. I know I went to a Baptist church. I believe they use Hell as a reason to keep the members in check. “Don’t you dare wander from this Religion or else you will go to Hell.” Most of my students were amazed when I told them, that our Religion didn’t even have the word Hell in it. Next question would be, how are you sure we will go to a good place when we die. My answer, “Out of all the religions on the planet you cannot tell me or make me believe their is only one right religion. All of the religions speak of an almighty Being or the Divine. These Divine Beings are suppose to be merciful and forgiving. I believe if you live a moral and ethic life that no matter who is at the end of our Journey they will let us in that good place you are referring too.” Some of them, this soothed their fears. Others it did not. The Christian dogma was beaten and drilled into their heads to deep. I believe if a Christian can get pass the dogma that has been drilled into them for years and years, yes, they can become a witch. It won’t be easy for them but they can do it. I know several who have.

Next questions: Do you think they should be allowed to? Do you believe in Christian Wicca? First part, should they be allowed too, yes.  If they want to become witches then I believe we should help them in any way we can. Now for the slammer, do you believe in Christian Wicca? I have been around a lot of witches who say it is bull****, (you get the idea). I guess I am as hard headed as my mother. I like to think things out on my own and form my own conclusions. While the other witches were bashing the idea of Christian Wicca, I was thinking, hmm! At first some of the other witches swayed me in their direction till I stopped and thought it out. I came to the conclusion that yes, there is Christian Wicca. As you know I get on my soapbox when it comes to the Burning Times. But I thought back to that time. As you recall, the Catholic Church condemned Paganism and those who didn’t convert, all their property was seized and they were put to death. As you know for our Religion to survive most of our ancestors when underground to preserve it for future generations to come. I believe that not all of those witches went underground. I believe some of them turned to the Catholic faith as a way of preventing them from having all their property seized and then put to death. I believe that they did go to mass on Sundays and pretend to be good members of the Catholic Religion. But they also went underground as well, to maintain their Witchcraft Religion. It does make sense and if you have any doubts then answer me this, who taught the Catholics all the rituals and rites that they have that came from us? Ever wondered about that one. I think I know, those witches who supposedly converted to the Catholic Faith. Some might call my theory crazy as hell but stop and think about it. It does make sense. Some of those Pagans back in the day had to pretend to convert because everyone was a Pagan till the Catholic church came along. If they hadn’t pretended to convert then the Catholic church would not had member one. I can’t imagine what a life they must have lived. I remember the commandments of the Church, their teachings, everything and how you could fit it together with Witchcraft is beyond me. But I sincerely believe their is Christian Wicca. I believe some how they combined the two Religions together and survived the Burning TImes.

Don’t get me wrong on what I am getting ready to say…but I think back to the Burning Times and all the horror that was inflicted on our ancestors. Most of mine were burned at the stake in Ireland for being witches. I wonder how on earth could you be tied to a stake and then look at a person you know who is a witch and they have converted (or supposedly converted). How could you? What would you be feeling? Better yet, what would the person standing there watching you getting ready to be burned alive? How could they live with themselves? Never really given it much thought till now but it does bring a tear to my eye.  Thinking one of my ancestors was burnt alive while a so called convert watched. Who knows, I know I never will. All I have is the pain and agony of thinking about my ancestors being burned alive or hung. I had an aunt in 1950 that was hung behind the flood wall here for being a witch. I know for a fact that none of my family members or fellow witches were there. When they went to drag her off, there was one hell of a fight. Some were beat almost to death and others were jailed but they did not stand idly by while she was hung.

Since I have got way off track, as usual, let’s see if I can get back on track now. As far as Christian Wicca existing, yes it does. There are Christian Wicca groups and sites all over the United States and on the internet. How they combine the two Religions is beyond me. I think of the Ten Commandments and what they say. One in particular, “thou shalt have no other Gods.” There is too many conflicts in trying to combine the two Religions together. I know most witches shun these groups and I can understand why. But I am a very opened minded witch and accepting of all religions. We have to be accepting of all Religions if we want other Religions to accept us. We have demonized way too long and it is time to put an end to that. By learning about other Religions and letting them learn about us, we put an end to those old myths and stereotypes.

Now you have heard my opinion, what do you think? I would like to know what you think seriously. I am open to a nice healthy debate, gee people, come on, let me know what you think, please. Oh, I remember I am down on my hands and knees begging you(hey it worked last time, lol!). Seriously, got an opinion on what I said let’s hear it. Or the next time, I will really go off topic and ask you about the Confederate flag and the controversy surrounding it!

Have a very blessed evening, my sweets,

Lady A

7 thoughts on “Well I have been waiting to see if anyone else would chime in on “Today’s Question of the Day”

  1. Thank you for the kind welcome to the community. I will definitely have a look around, read some of the content and may comment occasionally. It is not my intention to disappoint, but I actually left active church life several years ago…..a very long story lives in that statement. I am considering how much to share in public venues. It was inevitable, the thinking for myself was already bearing fruit.

    Growing up I spent every possible moment roaming woods and fields, learning from the natural world and occasionally encountering assorted spirit individuals.

    Anyway, about the time I was leaving the Southern Baptist church I had some experience with non corporeal people that I can only describe as being shown who it is I am supposed to be……probably best described as a calling. As part of this experience, I do not say I am a Druid, nor do I practice druidry or druidism. I am in the process of becoming druid.

    While I engage discussion of druid and Christian intersection with a small group of like minded individuals, very few of those who know me actually know how different I am. Caution is second nature but I appreciate the concern and reminder.

    Fishing is like barbecue, there are nice days, miserable days but no bad days!

    Again thank you for the welcome.


    1. You are more than welcome, Steve. We are glad to have you with us. I know everyone new to a venue such as this can be apprehensive about sharing in public but….there is one general rule I have and I believe everyone here knows it. I do not tolerate bashing of another person’s opinions or comments. We have friendly open discussions, listen to the other person’s viewpoint and occasionally chime in with our own. I continuously “preach” that we cannot learn from others and others cannot learn from us if we do not stop and listen and learn. The WOTC is a very safe environment for like-minded individuals, I can guarantee you that. We want our fellow brothers & sisters who come here to feel this is a safe place from the mundane. To express their views, to fellowship, meet new people and friends, and just learn if that is what they want to do. You cannot learn in an environment that is hostile or there is an argument continuously going on, so to foster the learning process is another reason we enforce that rule.

      I can relate all to well to the Southern Baptist. That is the domination my father’s church was, Southern Baptist. I know their doctrine all to well and how they love to tell you what you are suppose to be. Thinking back on it now, I believe they had to know what my mother was. They didn’t mess with her much at all. Oh, they were friendly and courteous to her but they never dare crossed her. I guess the tolerated her because of my father and turned a blinded eye to what she really was. I remember one time that the preacher wanted to talk to just my father about how I was being raised. Of course, he made the mistake of saying it right in front of my mother. She told him flat out to mind his own d*mn business. How they raised me wasn’t any of his concern and he best keep his nose out of it. After that, he never wanted to talk to my father about how I was being raised again. I don’t see that he should have been concerned. It was no different than a Catholic marrying a Methodist. There would have been compromise in a marriage like that, so what is the difference. A Baptist marries a Witch, there is going to be compromise there also. Mixed religious marriages occurred throughout the centuries and no one ever said anything except that Southern Baptist preacher. Yeah, I know exactly what you are talking about when you said they tell you who you are suppose to be. I remember one of my mother’s favorite sayings to that preacher, “if you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones till you clean up your own house first.” She was very frank and direct with him. I can understand now why they sort of just let her be.

      I like to consider myself a very laid back witch but I do have my mother and her people strongly etched in my being. I do have her temper, which I have learned to control and I am occasionally very outspoken. Sometimes my out spoken opinion gets me in trouble in the Pagan community. I know when we first started revealing the truths about Witchcraft, I caught a lot of grief over that. The Elders couldn’t understand or approve of my openness about Witches and Witchcraft. After several months of thinking I was going to get thrown out of The Craft (which would have been very hard to do since I am a Solitary, lol!), they came around to my way of thinking. I told them that we had to be open for others to learn the truth about us and also pass on our knowledge to the following generations. They told me of all the obstacles I would face, and they were right. The WOTC and myself have faced lots of obstacles over the years. But I can say we survived them all and are still standing. I believe the old saying, “what don’t kill you only makes you stronger” is very true.

      One thing I do want you to remember is that old saying, “what don’t kill you only makes you stronger.” No matter what you face in your daily life, remember your faith. Always hold strong to it because faith will see you through anything. I know faith has made the WOTC a very strong community and I am stronger for it myself. We have wonderful members here. They tell me I am the heart and soul of the WOTC. I disagree. They are the heart and soul of the WOTC. If it wasn’t for them, we would not be the community we are today. You may come and go but I always hope you come back to us. I told you I was a Celtic practitioner. You will probably find lots of information on here that is useful to you. I know my Druid friend has put some information on here about Druidism. To get him to put more on, you have to tie him to a computer. I swear that man has ants in his pants, can’t sit still for nothing, lol! But no matter what, you will always have a home with us and we will always welcome you.

      You tickle me about your comments about fishing. It makes me want to run down to the pone and go fishing. The weather around here just isn’t cooperating yet. When it does, you can find me at the old fishing old. Got to run for now, time to go to work.
      Have a very blessed Monday, Steve,
      Lady A


  2. Interesting question indeed, especially since I have arrived here by reading suggested posts that WordPress thinks I would be interested in. And a subject of personal interest as well. Permit me to explain. One of my great grandmothers was a witch, and apparently she wasn’t a very quiet underground sort of Irish woman. One of her daughters was my paternal grandmother. I remember the day my grandmother told me “Boy, always do your own thinking, if you let others think for you, you have given them your power.” Looking back, it seems to be an interesting choice of words coming from a woman who denied having anything to do with her mother’s ways while leaving signs to the contrary all about. Fast forward about 45 years, I have become a good Christian of the Southern Baptist flavor…..on the surface anyway. Trees, rivers and rocks have taught me quite well in this time along with Sunday school and preaching. And then there was the day about ten years ago some ancient druids came by for a visit. Now I still claim Christian as my religion, I’m quietly becoming druid and would be considered a heretic in Southern Baptist circles.

    To briefly answer the questions, yes I believe it is possible for a Christian to be a witch, it would not be an easy thing to do, nor do I believe many would be able to succeed in the endeavor.

    Thank you for the challenge question and food for thought. Calm rational discussion goes a long way to resolving things of this sort.

    And if all else fails, perhaps a fishing day for witches and Christian’s could prove fruitful.


    1. Good afternoon Steve, may I be the first to welcome you to our community. I hope you visit with us often. Also thank you for your comment. May I say you were very fortunate to have those Druids visit you. I have a very close friend who is a Druid. I have learned a lot from him. I love their teachings, beliefs and ethics. I am sure I am not telling you nothing that you do not already know, in the old days Druids were the leaders of the clans in Ireland and there abouts. Julius Caesar learned that early and decided to rid the country of Pagans or the Celtics at the time was by wiping out the wisest amongst them. Which happened to be the Druids. Then when Caesar couldn’t succeed in the total destruction of the Druids, several, several years later, St. Patrick entered the picture. He is famous for running all the snakes out of Ireland. Those snakes happened to be the Druids which he was referring too. Thank the Goddess he did not succeed either. By the way, we do not celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at all here. Instead we have Irish Heritage Day. Perhaps I am bull-headed but I am not celebrating a man who tried to destroy our fellow brothers & sisters, the Druids. I have never understood why people insist on destroying what they do not understand. Always wanting to push their ways or religion on others. At least that is one thing I can say about our religion, we do not try to push it on anyone. We give people the information they are seeking and then we leave it up to the individual to make their own decisions.

      My comment was just my opinion. As you know I grew up in a Baptist and a Witchcraft household. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to decide which Path I wanted to follow. I understand the Christian Religion all too well. I have also studied various other religions also. I have talked to many Druids over the years on the internet. I know most of them are on this site now. I had one that broke my heart. She was a Druidess. She was attending a small country church up in the hills of Kentucky. She was also practicing Druidism on the side. She told me her interest was in the nature part of Druidism. She loved to walk through the woods, pick up stones she felt connected too and gather her herbs. She was found out and just for picking up stones and gathering herbs, she was thrown out of the church. She was heart broken but I told her, it would have happened sooner or later. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that the Christians or Baptists are ready yet to even to try to combine the two or try to work out something equally accommodating. I guess an equal compromise could be met. The Christians accepting us and letting us worship our Gods. But I also see them insisting that we give up our Gods because we would be considered worshiping false Gods and idolatry. They would insist that there is only one God and that is there God. As we have many Gods and Goddesses and I can personally testify they are real as real gets.

      I can see a Christian becoming a witch and practicing it secretly. But as I mentioned in my commentary, I wonder how an individual would combine the two together. It couldn’t be easy at all as you stated. I am still thrown back to the Ten commandments and one of the phrases that always comes up in Witchcraft, “thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” I know my mother, who was a witch, got up every Sunday morning and went to church with my Father. But she always told me, it was just a duty to be seen with him in church. That the church’s doctrine meant nothing to her and you could tell it by some of the remarks she made to the Preacher at that church. She was a Hereditary witch as well. Perhaps that is how our early ancestors did it. They just went to church on Sundays to be dutiful and give the impression they had converted to the Catholic Religion. I know several who have done that. My ex-husband was a Druid also. He told me that he only went to church because his mother made him go when he was little. That the doctrine of the church meant nothing to him either. I don’t condemn anyone for what they chose to do, don’t get me wrong. I can understand someone pretending to convert to a religion in order to avoid death. As I mentioned Paganism is the oldest religion on this planet. If not for some of those Pagans converting to the church then the church would have had no members at all. Perhaps there wouldn’t have even been a Christian religion if they had not converted. But somewhere along the line I believe they did. There is too much of our teachings and beliefs that are too similiar to theirs. Someone had to teach them our ways and I do believe it was those Pagans who converted or supposedly converted to their religion. How else who they have come up with all our traditions and bent them and twisted them to their ways? It is just food for thought.

      I am Irish as you know. I am also a Celtic Practitioner. I know what breaks my heart is the fact that so many of my ancestors were burned at the stake in Ireland. It makes me wonder what they must have thought, tied to that stake, and seeing people they once called brother or sister in the crowd, watching. Did they understand why they rejected Paganism? Did they forgive them? Or did they curse them? I have seen the Goddess and felt Her move within me, stir my soul and give me the strength to go on. I have felt the power of The Morrighan and seen Her as well. I know they are real and I know if I had lived back then, I would have probably more than likely cursed them. I might have went to a Baptist church but I have never felt anything like I do in Witchcraft in the Baptist religion. To just walk away from it, I couldn’t. I would be one of those tied to a stake.

      Just be careful, Steve. That is all I ask. I know there is no more hangings or burnings but if they find out that you are practicing Druidism on the side, they will remove you from the church. We have broke down a lot of barriers but there are still many left to conquer. Till that day happens, those who choose to attend church and then also practice Druidism, Witchcraft, Wicca or any other Pagan Religion will have to be careful. I appreciate your comment and I am delighted that you replied. I was hoping someone who was going to church and then practicing Paganism or Druidism would reply. I sincerely do appreciate your opinion. I hope I didn’t run you off with my comment. I am just a little touchy when it comes to the Burning Times and our ancestors as everyone here knows. You will always be welcome here, dear brother and I hope you visit us often. Again, welcome.
      Have a very blessed Sunday,
      Lady A
      So when do you think we ought to plan that fishing day, lol? Just as long as I don’t get accused of casting a spell on the fish when I catch more fish than they do :). By the way, I love to actually fish, hunt, camp, basically anything outdoors I am all for it.

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  3. I just did a post on this exact topic on Coven Life not to long ago. I included links on written things as well as videos. I fully agree that if not for Paganism the Christian holy days would not be on the dates they are. Since it has been scientifically proven Jesus Christ was born in the spring not the winter. I too am a very open minded witch and come from a family who hid their witchcraft behind less controversial words such as home remedies and the like. My mother taught me not to be afraid of seeing and talking to those that passed away but made sure I was in Sunday school and church almost every week. I have taken 3 theology courses at a Christian college, one of which was a philosophy course that I was asked to leave because my questioning the dogma that was taught at the college. I have had the opportunity to visit many different religions places of worship and participate in one or more of their services. So my answer to Can there be Christian Wiches? does not come from off the top of my head or based on the opinion of others, it comes from living as a Christian and doing research on many different Christian dogmas. If a person is able to see the duality in the Divine than in my opinion yes a person can be a Christian Witch. I actually practiced as one my first formal year of studying The Craft. I feel a Christian can also practice The Craft if they are open minded enough. As a coven leader, teacher, mentor, and pagan minister for many years I have answered many questions about paganism to people from many religions. I use to take part in a non denominational conference yearly before I retired to practice asa a solitaryconfinement witch and I remember those times fondly because not only did I get to find out more about the practices and questions facing other religions I got to help in a small way erase many peoples stereotypical view of pagans.
    The two major differences I see between Christians and Witches are these:
    Witches take responsibility for what they do and/or say to or about other people and do not believe in sinning. Whereas Christians do believe they commit sins against other people and then ask the Son of God for forgiveness and get it without ever trying to right the wrong they did.

    The other and this is why I personally left Christianity behind is because not all but many Christians I crossed paths with now and in my past are hypocrites. To me many Christians to not follow the teachings of their bible such as mobsters going to church in the morning and than doing harm in some way to someone in the evening.

    SorryI for the long commenton but as my sister pointed out this is topic that has been debated for centuries and as a now unretired online coven leader, head of an online witchcraft school, and ordained pagan minister I feel it is part of my job to enlighten other that witches are the same as people from any o the religion.

    Blessed be,
    Lady Beltane


  4. I know the Christian faith doesnt accept multiple dieities so for that reason I think it would be hard to fit Wicca into a Christian faith. But, fitting the Christian faith into Wicca practice is easy because Wicca is exactly what and how you want to practice. I have a strong belief in guardian angels and I often light candles and ‘pray’ meditate to the great spirit which I consider to be the Goddess. That’s how I feel


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