Final Thought from Me to You…..

This is all of our Path.

Walk it proudly,

We are Witches,

This is our calling,

Blessed Be The Witches.

–Lady of the Abyss


One thought on “Final Thought from Me to You…..

  1. Hi sis,
    I love this!! When I’m asked what tradition my coven follows I answer by saying we are a coven made from solitary witches and all traditions are welcomed. While the novices are not as eclectic as the adepts, priests, and priestress are no one pracicing the Craft in a coven or on their own practice it in exactly the same way. Yes we come together for Esbats and Sabbats but no one person writes and leads all the rituals. This gives people different ideas on how they might want to write and do their own rituals. Even holding the title of High Priestess I’m still learning The Craft and new ways others practice compared to how I do. I’m greatful that I can learn from as well as teach my students and coven members.
    Love ya,


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