On Wednesday, April 10, We Celebrate…

On Wednesday, April 10, We Celebrate…

Humane Day (United States)

Themes: Kindness to Animals; Nature

Symbols: All Animals About Poluknalai: In Afghanistan, Poluknalai is the goddess of all animals, being both their creatrix and their protectress. Now that the warm weather has many people walking their pets or taking them to parks, Poluknalai walks alongside, watching over the animals who give us love and companionship.

To Do Today: People in the United States dedicate the first Sunday in May to commemorating the Humane Society, which was established to prevent cruelty to animals, in the true spirit of Poluknalai. Numerous organizations schedule fund-raising events today and extend compassion to both animals and people, in keeping with the festivities. If you have the means, adopt an animal today or make a small donation to the Humane Society in your area so they can continue their work. Both actions honor Poluknalai.

Back up your actions spirituality with this spell for animal welfare:

Gather any picture of endangered species you can find. Put them inside a Ziploc bag while visualizing the white light of protection surrounding each. As you close the bag, say,

Protected by Poluknalai’s command, these creatures are safe across the land.
Sealed with love and magick within, by my will this spell begins.

As long as the bag remains sealed and safe, it will continue generating protective magick for those animals.


–365 Goddess: A Daily Guide To the Magic and Inspiration of the goddess
Patricia Telesco