The Witches Magick for Monday, April 8: Banishing A Person From Your Life


This is a spell for love gone wrong, for ending a personal, family or business relationship that you no longer wish to be in. It is a fire spell. To work it, gather herbs of protection and an image of the person (photograph, poppet, etc.) -Something written in their own hand, a lock of hair, a piece of clothing or a personal object will also do.

Put everything into a fireproof container – iron cauldron, marble mortar, whatever – and set fire to it as you perform the spell. It should make a very satisfactory blaze that reduces to ashes. The ashes can be buried or washed down a drain. Flush them down a toilet if you are very angry. Dispose of all the objects that connect you to the person: gifts, letters, photographs, etc. It is especially important to get rid of jewelry. Move house if you have to.

Be careful with this spell. It’s permanent, so don’t use it unless you really mean forever. It’s also powerful.

“By basilisk and bloodstone by the garlic in the fields
by the poppies and what they yield invisibly
I make my shield to detect thee and deflect thee
By dragon’s blood and salamanders by horses
when their hooves strike sparks by the dragon
breathing flames from the Book of Life
I erase thy names I cut the cords and unlock the chains
I sever all the ties by which we were bound and with
impenetrable walls myself I surround against thy power
and its source against thy evil and its source
Vesta, Pele, Lilith Kali Kali Kali
I banish thee forever from me and any harm from
thee to me doubles back and tables turned thou
shalt by thyself be burned
Lilith, Vesta, Pele Kali Ma Kali Ma
by the power of three times three I banish thee,
I banish thee, I banish thee I am set free
So mote it be! “