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    1. It is good to see you, Kristen. I wondered where you have run off too. It is great to have you back. I am still alive and kicking. Thank you for thinking about me. I believe I might survive. With all the thoughts and prayers, if I don’t, no one will, lol! Really not a laughing matter but might as well laugh as cry. Again, it is great to see you back. Have a great day, sweetie.
      Blessings, peace and comfort,
      Lady A

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      1. I’ve been in the psych ward! Long story. lol March 10-26, unspecified brain event, and I’m still trying to shake the mental health system labels I came out with. Plus… credibility issues. lol Any time you want to chat, the offer still stands. Your posts have been beautifully-timed, and each one is exactly what I’ve needed to hear when I need to hear it. So, thank you, friend. Blessed be. 😉


      2. I am so sorry to hear that, sweetie. But you have to consider all things happen for a reason. Perhaps there is a reason for what you experience but not yet aware of. I want you to know one thing, today there is no stigma associated with any mental conditions. The old stigmas are just that stigmas from an ignorant society that didn’t know any better. Today, things have changed. I believe the society that we currently live in has a huge impact on our mentality. I know, I occasionally suffer from depression. I am on medication for that. There is nothing to be ashamed of and I am particularly glad you are able to tell me about it. Talking can do more good than any therapy at times. You can talk to a stranger easier than you can a family member or close friend. I am not saying we are strangers by no means, I consider you a sister. Anytime you would like to talk or feel a need to talk, just let me know. Most of the time my evenings are fairly free. I can only think of two things this week I have scheduled and it is for Friday and Saturday nights. If you wanted to talk this evening or perhaps tomorrow evening, either would be find with me. We can talk in the chatroom if you would like. I now have it up and running. Just let me know and I will be there. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. May the Goddess give you the strength and healing that you need at this time in your life. Remember always, dear sister, to keep a strong hold on your faith, the Goddess will help you in any situation you need help with. She is strong and mighty, I can testify to that. You are also a strong person, I can feel that, you will make it through this period of your life. Let me know which time you would like to talk.
        Luv & Hugs,
        Lady A
        Should add anytime after 6:00 is good for me. I am on central time. I don’t know what time you are on.

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