Spirit Message of the Day – Live in Truth, Create Honor

Celtic princess

Spirit Message of the Day – Live in Truth, Create Honor

Today, the Cyclamen flower brings us a message of truth.

“There are different levels of honesty in life and we can all be masters of disguise when it suits us best. The Cyclamen flower spirit is calling us to embrace the essence of truth in our lives and become clearer about who we are.”

“As Shakespeare once wrote: ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive’. Life is far more complicated if we pretend to people and make things up as we go along, because we have to remember what we said and to whom we said it. If we can get beyond the need to cover up aspects of ourselves that we feel are inadequate, then we are released from a heavy weight of deception. The more we open our hearts to others, hiding nothing and showing our vulnerable real side, the simpler life will become.”

“The time may be right to look at your past or some area of your life that you have tucked away and ignored. It may be that you have not been completely honest with yourself about how you felt or feel in a particular situation or relationship, for example. Be brave, dare to look and witness how honest you are. This tiny, shy flower awakens a new possibility for you to reveal yourself truly on many levels. It offers you a rewarding opportunity to step into a new way of behaving, that will influence your every moment from now on.”

When we choose to live in truth, we create honor for ourselves and give it to others around us. Repeat Aloud: “Today, I dare to be honest and speak my own truth.”



Today’s message is from The Flower Spirit Cards by Melanie Eclare.
Originally published on Spiritblogger’s Blog