On Sunday, April 7th, We Celebrate…


On Sunday, April 7th, We Celebrate…

Romanian Water Offering

Themes: Wishes; Water; Purity; Innocence

Symbol: Water

About Coventina: This British/Celtic goddess of sacred water sources flows with the Blajini (water spirits) to enrich our life with clarity and virtue and to answer our heart’s desires. In works of art she is depicted as a water nymph floating on a leaf while holding vessels teaming with water. Customary offerings to encourage Coventina’s favor include pins, votives, coins, and semiprecious stones.

To Do Today: In this region of the world, water spirits are called Blajini, or “gentle ones,” because they kindly reward people who give them an offering (much like wishing wells in Europe). These are citizens of the Coventina’s fairy realm, whose motivations are pure and guileless. To keep the Blajini happy and encourage Coventina’s sanction, present a special offering to them while whispering your hopes and dreams. Go to any fountain (perhaps one at the mall) and toss in a coin. The Blajini will bear the coin and the wish to Coventina for manifestation.

For personal clarity or to inspire principled actions in a situation in which you might be tempted to be a proverbial “bad witch,” start the day off with a glass of water. Recite this incantation over it before drinking:

Coventina, keep my magic pure; within my spirit let goodness endure.

Repeat this phrase throughout the day anytime you have water.


–365 Goddess: A Daily Guide To the Magic and Inspiration of the goddess
Patricia Telesco