On April 2, Mercury Conjunct Neptune. What Does It Mean for You?

Mercury Conjunct Neptune 2 April 2019


Mercury conjunct Neptune natal heightens your senses to such a level, that the amount of information coming in can be difficult to process. It may become a problem deciphering what is real and what is not, what is important and what is just background noise, and what to keep secret or not. It is likely that you will see, hear, or notice with other senses, things which most others do not. This could include imaginary friends or entities when very young.

How others, especially parents and teachers, react to your stories about this imaginary world is critical. For in fact, what you “see”, may not be that imaginary at all. Being told that what you see is not real, or that you are just imagining it, may not be of great help as you grow older. This also applies to your general sensitivity, because you will pick up the feeling of those around you, even being weakened and debilitated if you are in a negative environment for a length of time.

With reassurance and acceptance, your abilities can turn out to be valuable talents. This would need some high standards though, learning to decipher truth from fiction, and using your gifts for moral and just causes. You not only perceive a great amount, but can also project much verbal and nonverbal information, plus psychic energy. Your incredible creativity and imagination can lead to career in the arts such as painting, dance or theater, as well as healing or other fields of communication, where your ideas can touch and inspire others.

Mercury Conjunct Neptune Transit

Mercury conjunct Neptune transit focuses your thinking and communications on spiritual topics, mysteries, the occult and secrets. It would be the ideal time to take up studies in artistic subjects because of your enhanced imagination and creativity. Valuable insights can be gained through meditation, dreaming, and practicing occult fields like astrology and Tarot. You may become involved in some intrigue or secret affair, where it is important to maintain the highest of moral standards to avoid scandal and slander.

Transiting Mercury conjunct Neptune can also impact on your thinking and communications in a positive or negative way. In its highest manifestation, this transit gives accurate psychic perception at all levels, with unbiased processing of this spiritual information. Ultimately, you can express these insights through compassionate, supportive and selfless words and thought projection. In the negative expression of this transit, thoughts and words are twisted by misconception, irrationality, confusion, fear and paranoia. This results in deceit, treachery, lies, poison and all manner of underhand tactics.

Mercury Conjunct Neptune Celebrities

Martin Luther 0°02′, Christos Tsiolkas 0°06′, Ian Holm 0°18′, Julio Iglesias 0°30′, Jewelle Gomez 0°32′, Egon Schiele 0°32′, Maria Shriver 0°34′, Lady Davina Lewis 0°36′, Neil Armstrong 0°40′, Twitter 0°43′, Meg Ryan 0°44′, Phil Andros 0°44′, Robert Currey 0°48′, Brexit 0°49′, Wikipedia 1°08′, Mary I of England 1°14′, Alyssa Milano 1°26′, Jeff Buckley 1°29′, Christian Doppler 1°29′, Melville Davisson Post 1°33′, Ray Bradbury 1°44′, Louis-Ferdinand Céline 1°47′, Richard Rodgers 2°23′, Demi Moore 2°24′, Robert Redford 2°29′, Tatum O’Neal 2°40′, Christina Aguilera 2°47′.


Mercury Conjunct Neptune Dates

19 February 2019
24 March 2019
2 April 2019
3 April 2020
29 March 2021
23 March 2022
16 March 2023
8 March 2024
2 March 2025
29 March 2025