Your Daring Dating Horoscopes for the Weekend of March 22

David Wells, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room

With Venus out of your social sky, it could be time to reflect on what you really want from love, time go full on Moon gazing as you contemplate your place in the universe and is that person from accounts really going to be the one? When looking for a soulmate it pays to put the effort in Aries.

It’s tick-tock time on Mars as he’s running out of influence direct from Taurusville and as your relationship ruler it would be a shame not to use his passion, his thrust. To bring balance, your alluring ruler Venus is moving into your social sky. Passion and allure, what can you do with that?

Finding the right person isn’t easy, what does he or she look like and are looks really that important? Maybe in the first instance, but as you get to know someone it’s important he or she can keep up with you Gem, I mean in conversations to be clear! Stand by. Here comes the complete package.

With the union of Saturn and Pluto it’s all to play for with everything from marriage counselling to mates mediating in an ongoing love match you hope to resolve. Some may ask you if it’s all worth it, it clearly is, or you wouldn’t be putting yourself through it. Right?

What is about music that invokes memories like very little else? A song can transport you back to your youth, dancing at your local and flirting like it had just been discovered. That Leo. If it takes some tunes and another go at fitting into that outfit so be it; find your flirt and make it work.
Mercury is lifting, partially lifting, some of the restrictions you’ve been under as far as finding something a little more permanent on the love front and with Venus joining in, it could be faster than you expected. No fewer than five planets are sticking their nose into your love business. Get on it.
Having released, breathe, take your time and consider what you want next. Dating isn’t something you pick up on in any specific time scale, we are all different, so find your own flow Libra and work with it. I said find your own! Why ask everyone you know what to do next? Find your own flow. Worn out.

Now you know what you don’t want, now you’ve spent weeks, months or even years with someone who wasn’t it, you can finally focus on someone who is. Mercury might provide a few false starts yet, little tests, appetizers before the main course if you like, and what a main course it is. Yummo.

Why would you care what someone else thought or said? You’re the sort who explores, finds things out for themselves and you really don’t need anyone else telling you anything about his or her past, who they saw, what they did. Some folks relish it, live for the gossip and that’s what it is; gossip. Ignore.

Thefty astrology is pushing the K word your way; Karma. Before you run for a tin hat and some sturdy table to hide under, remember that when it comes to soulmates, Karma can be your biggest ally. A fated meeting is just that, unavoidable. What you do when you meet him or her is your call.

How you do feel when a mate ghosts you? Suddenly he or she isn’t there, where have they gone? This week you could get that treatment from a would be love interest, perhaps you’ve had a date or two? Good. True colours shown and you can move on to someone very much in the here and now.

Venus is heading for your sign, surely that’s a good thing for your love life? Sure is but like all good things you might have to wait for that hot date as Mercury is still on the huffy bus, destination The Glums. You could turn things around? Shift of attitude, shift into receiving all the adoration.