Happy Birthday, Lady Of The Abyss!


You are much more than a friend, a sister or a mother,

You are a very special soul that has lightened all the lives

that you touch each day.

On your special day, we just wanted to let you know

that we love you more and more each day we spend with you.

We wish you a very special day and a very Happy Birthday!



8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Lady Of The Abyss!

  1. Och.. Happy Belated Birthday Darling.. I hope that this year brings you so much joy.. and peace.. laughter and great health.. prosperity and all that your heart desires.. I love you so dearly (((hugs)))


  2. Sorry for the late reply; I’ve been sick with an really bad cold, yes I’m on antibiotics as well. Anyway- I want to thank you for the kind birthday greeting that you’d had sent me on my birthday, I really loved it.


    1. I know I have missed seeing you each day. I was wondering what had happened. Are you sure you just have a cold? I know I had the flu three times and there was no antibiotic in the world that would touch it. It was miserable, I feel for you. I hope you get to feeling better. At least you are up and around today and it is great to have you back. You are more than welcome for the birthday wishes. I am just sorry you were sick on your birthday.Take care of yourself especially since it is March. My mother-in-law use to say, “March is pneumonia weather,” and I believe it. Around here it is 30 one day and 80 the next, no wonder we all stay sick. Just get to feeling better, hun. It is great to see you today. Have a great afternoon and evening.
      Lady A


    1. That is very lovely. Thank you for the beautiful wishes. But I told them I wasn’t having anymore birthdays, lol!
      Thank you again, Hailea,
      Lady A


  3. Hi A,
    May the next year bring you less pain and turmoil, more happiness, love, joy, peacefulness, enough money to cover things you need to and many positive blessings. You are different things to different people and are here for us please remember to take time to do things that you enjoy doing to make yourself feel relaxed and happy.
    Love ya lots sis,


    1. Hey B,
      Thank you so much for the advice. I will try to take it to heart. You know when you are a 120, you have to start writing things down, lol! I’ll have to write all that down real quick or I never remember all of them. But I am sure you will remind me throughout the year. I told them, I wasn’t having anymore birthdays. Now I know why Jacob & Joseph slipped out of the house last night to meet Lynette at the office. Well, I guess it could be worse, they could have been sneaking out to meet their girlfriends, lol! Thank you, dear sister, I will try to avoid all mishaps and incidents in the coming year. But you know me, there is never a dull moment.
      Love ya,


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