The Third Quarter Moon Phase – Come to the “reaper”

glittery pentacle ^.^
The Third Quarter Moon Phase – Come to the “reaper”

Now the threatening old man arrives with his scythe in order to remove, destroy, liberate, clean, clarify, and separate.

This is your “funeral.”

Let go of your fears and doubts and release them; let the detachment process occur peacefully. Don’t fight it, and avoid unnecessary conflicts.


Let the ropes become detached.

Break down negativity and discard it. Get rid of negative habits, destroy negative or unhealthy relationships, defuse hostile situations.

Let go!

The energies are decreasing, diminishing on their way to the source, so let what you don’t need in your life decrease and go with them.

If objectives are not accomplished, or were not accomplished during preceding stages, this is the time to deliberate and ask “Why?” Instead of throwing yourself into hard work, work at getting rid of those inhibiting patterns.

Finish what can be finished now, and let other aims and objectives die, or leave them behind you in order to begin them again at the next stage.

Clean and purify your space. Wash clothes. Throw out anything you don’t need.


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Tabatha Jennings